Whilst enjoyment and job satisfaction are essential to a successful business, the reason it has been started is to make money. As we head into a new year, there are many who try to stipulate new year’s resolutions within the company. However, choosing one goal is often a more successful way to welcome the new year. We have a review of some of the most worthwhile investments to help your business to grow and make more money.

Top notch website

Many businesses underestimate the power of their website and that it should be used as a money making tool. It should be there to support your business efforts and be working to earn its keep. Getting a decent website involves researching others in the industry and making sure it is performing to the best of its ability, in terms of speed, scalability and UX.


With interactivity being the focus of most business currently, mapping the customer journey and considering what transactions occur at which touchpoint provides a solid foundation for excellent user experience. This needs to be a focus for businesses in 2017 and beyond. Consumers are getting savvier and systems are getting much more advanced, which means that paying attention to the customer journey is going to provide a smoother process for your customers. Smoother, more convenient processes that respond to consumer demand equal higher sales and more money for your business.

Effective testing

Rigorous testing for speed, data security and progression will increase effectiveness and efficiency, ultimately driving greater profit. Sogeti UK provide automated testing which recurs over a course of days. This direct cost saving makes money for your business, whilst also protecting you against the painful impact of a glitch in data or software.

SMS Marketing

This key trend looks set to take 2017 by storm. Whatever your industry, SMS messaging offers personalised, immediate and targeted marketing options, allowing you to connect with consumers in an as yet relatively untapped way. Since millennials stated that this is their preferred method of business communication, it is worthwhile trying to tap into it as early as possible, before their inboxes become saturated with marketing messages. Build a trust in your messaging that will put you ahead of competitors.