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Blogging was introduced around 15-16 years ago. Blogging was introduced when Google starts dominating the Internet. The actual meanings of Blogging is to share your ideas, thoughts, your own creations, even your imaginations in various digital formats like as text, video and many other formats. Basically Blogging is a virtual platform which allows you to share your content to the audience.

Initially the meaning of Blogging was the same as I described but now a days the meaning of Blogging are totally different. Now a day’s Blogging is a Business of Billions of Dollar. Approximately 90% companies whether they belong to a technical industry or not are using Blogging as a tool to improve their performance in market. It’s my experience; many companies have contacted me for the creation of their Blogs. Even I have created blogs of many big firms. I can’t disclose the name of companies but its true.

Now a day, Entrepreneurship has become the first choice of most of the fresher’s. No one wants to work under conditions. Everyone wants to be independent, to be an independent businessman. I have seen many of the fresher’s are adopting Blogging as a career. But the question is, Is Blogging Right choice for Profession? Let’s discuss about it. For that let us understand what is actually Blogging?

What is Blogging -?

As I stated above, Blogging is digital platform or I can say it’s a virtual diary where you put your content and that diary is available for the whole world. Although I said it’s like a diary, its not the same. Blogging needs lot of technical knowledge. At-least the basic knowledge of HTML coding, Search Engine Optimization and presentation is required.

The most amazing thing is that, 95% of Internet is build on Blogs. Just take a test, Search anything on Google say “Upcoming Gadgets”. It’s 99.99% probability that the web-page you will open will be a web blog. Blogging is basically based on three things –

  1. Production
  2. Exploring
  3. Engaging

But as I stated above, the meanings of Blogging now a days are totally different. Now a days a new base has been introduced in Blogging except those three, and here is the fresh list –

  1. Production
  2. Exploring
  3. MONEY
  4. Engaging

This new base gives birth to a new entity which we called Professional Blogging. So Let’s talk about the Professional Blogging. Is it safe?

Professional Blogging, Is it safe?

Every time I talk about the Professional Blogging, I remember only one name, i.e. Amit Agarwal. He was the India’s first Professional Blogger. He was an IITian which is not a simple thing. Only some few great minds can achieve the status of being an IITian. He left hist job and chose Blogging as Profession. Now he is earning more than he can do through his Job.

But the point is, He started Blogging in 2003 when there were no competition and no such penalties like we have currently. So he didn’t face any hurdle and now he is much experienced that he can face any problem.

Now a day the competition in Blogging is quite tough and even there is lot of risk. Let’s take an example –

Suppose a guy started Blogging on tech niche. He got lot of success in many ways like as Money, reputation. All things are going fine but suddenly somehow Google penalizes his blog…..and fushhhhhh that’s it. He is finished. So that’s the problem now a day. We all know that Google is one and only source for good traffic and if Google will play against us how will we survive in this industry.

Is it Safe –

I will say, if you are opting Blogging as a Profession, THINK ABOUT IT. There is lot of things you need to learn before entering in this field. You require lot of knowledge and smartness to have success in Blogging. But still I will say it’s not safe. Because the day Google penalized your site, you’re finished.

So what you guys think about Blogging, let me know in the comment section below.

Author Bio– Known as Rudraksh Pathak. I’m a Social media and tech Blogger at Tekdig Network and Techtial. I’m an engineering student and love to write about technology.

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