Image courtesy of Andre Ribeirinho
Image courtesy of Andre Ribeirinho
There are many websites these days which will list all of the companies that are giving away free things. These are usually free sample sized items or competition entries to win larger things, but is it worth the effort?
You will find that there are lots of sites which list free giveaways. It will take you time to identify these sites and then check their content every day to see whether there are things on there which you want. It can be worth a try, to see whether the types of things being given away are useful to you. Often they are skin creams, pet food and sometimes food and drink samples. It all depends on what you generally use. If you find that a particular site lists freebies that you really like, then it is worth looking regularly to see whether they have anything you want to try to get your hands on.
Obviously companies give away these types of free samples to try to encourage you to buy the products as well as to get your contact details so that they can send you details of other products that they sell. You may find this really annoying and think that it is not worth getting a free sample if you are going to get lots of email as a result. Of course, you can unsubscribe from their mailing list, should you want to.
Most of the samples will be small. That is why they are samples, companies usually do not give away large sizes of things. However, you may still feel that it is a great opportunity to try something new or to get something for free. It all really depends on whether you like free things or not and whether you are prepared to spend the time looking for samples and applying to see if you get any.
You may prefer to enter competitions instead. There are often online contests where you can just enter an email address to try to win something. These prizes may be better sized items or there may even be prizes worth a lot more. It is likely that more people will try to take part, which will mean that you have less chance of winning. However, if you do win, you will get something that is far more worthwhile. There are blogs and other websites which will list competitions too, so you do not have to go searching all over the place yourself. You should also take a look at places where you get hints and tips on how to do well in competitions. Although some are just a case of giving an email address, others may ask you to answer a tie breaker question or even write something more. However skilled you are, it is always handy to see whether there are any tricks that you can use to increase your chances of doing well.
So whether you feel that claiming free things is worth the effort all depends on you really. You may love getting free things, whatever the effort involved, you may only want certain items or you may decide that it is just not worth the effort at all.