Image courtesy of Alan Cleaver

We hear a lot these days about the benefit of comparing companies in order to get the best deal. However, there are many comparison websites that you can use, you can go to a broker or you can do the work yourself getting quotes from different companies. It can take a lot of time and effort and you may not know whether it is worth it.

If you want to find the cheapest price for the insurance cover that you need, then you will have to look for it. Chances are that the company that you are with will not be the cheapest one available and so you could save money if you swap to someone else. However, you will have to do your research first in order to find out and this can take a lot of time.

Some people will find that they can make a significant saving and so it is really worth their time to look for a better deal. However, this is not always the case as it will depend on whether you are already with a cheap company.

There are some very quick ways to find a better deal, but if you want to be sure you are paying the least it may take more time. You could go to a broker, but they will only look at a selection of companies. They will find you the cheapest within that small selection of companies and this could be a better deal that you currently have. It will be quick as you will just have to give them your details once and they can do the searching or you.

If you want to have a look for yourself then you could use a comparison website. These have a limited selection of companies too, but you will still be able to choose between them. Different comparison sites have different insurers, so you could look at several. Even if you do not switch, a comparison website will enable you to see whether you have a competitive quote from your current insurer. Do make sure that it is like for like though as you may find that you get a cheaper quote but it does not cover you for everything that you need.

It is also worth noting that there are some insurers that do not appear on comparison websites or go through brokers. They will claim that they are cheaper as a result because they do not have to pay out commission when they make a sale. However, this does mean more work. As you have to identify who these insurers are and approach them individually for quotes.

It can take a lot of hard work to get a very low quote, although there are some easy ways, such as comparison websites, which can make it easier. It is really up to you how long you spend looking and it will depend on how you value your time. If you are happy spending time searching as you think any bit of money saved is worthwhile then you will be prepared to look harder than if you would rather be doing other things instead.