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In today’s emerging day by day life, there are certain things without which we cannot leave the house – keys, bag, money, mobile phone, lipstick and probably our beloved one’s kiss. Regardless of how organised we are all trying to be, usually the mornings might be rather fast and we can do nothing but get as soon as possible in the traffic jam. Well, the problem in here is that in a bag or in a backpack, all our stuff get mixed up and we end up having issues grabbing what we need in a short period of time – because yes, indeed, this is life. But that’s not the only problem in here – these being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to see if it is bad to keep credit cards by your phone!
1. Not Quite
According to traditional wisdom, the credit cards cannot be demagnetized only by a phone. The entire process is scientifically explained in a vast form, but we will try to put it together in a shorter format. Any credit card is composed of a magnetic strip on which personal information is being stored (about the user). This is the instrument that is being used for payments or bank withdrawals from the ATM. Still, the magnetic strip is powerful enough not to be demagnetized by a single phone. There are some other situations in which your credit card could be smashed and thus not able to work properly – and maybe issued on a transaction as being unable to be processed.
2. Places to Avoid for Storing Credit Cards
As previously mentioned, there are some places that are not at all useful for storing credit cards properly. Some of them are extremely easy to identify – we are talking here about a tiny scratch or even bends. Starting from here on, anything that goes through your head can be extremely common and you might not even realize that your credit card could even, at this moment of speaking, be in a bad place that is ought to destroy the aspect of the credit card in no time – as well as the interior of it. Since on a credit card some really important information are stored, you might want to keep it as clean and safe as possible – for no bad aspects to intervene within it.
3. Different Views
Since one of the most common views in credit card demagnetization implies keeping your credit card by your phone, you should know by now that scientifically speaking, it does not work just like that. On the other hand, some other people regard this closeness as being not at all healthy. Still, you should think about this twice, since such aspects are quite hard to investigate and a fast conclusion based on the word of mouth is not at all a great pick for you. What you can do is easy – try taking up different views, but guide yourself towards the scientific replies.
4. Impossible to Demagnetize a Credit Card with the Available Magnets
Yet again, this is a scientific fact – since the myth has been put to test over and over again. Thus, you should consider the fact that it is impossible to demagnetize a credit card with the available magnets on the market, which basically means that it is not bad to keep credit cards by your phone. Of course, this is one of the most common things we tend to deal with, since it is extremely handy to place one thing over the other.
5. It is Extremely Easy to Use – and Handy
There comes a time in which we start to enjoy being as minimalist as possible – having few things on our hands, no matter what. This is also the situation in which we place our credit card next to our phone, in such a way that we have a lot of stuff in a rather small amount. Such a strategy is ought to make us feel smoother and lighter!
These being said, what are you still waiting for? Have you already managed to make up your mind and decide if you will continue to use your credit card next to your phone? If so, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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