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Christmas is finally upon us, and people are rushing up and about looking for the best present to gift their loved ones this long-awaited festive season. And all this is very normal as it is what most families and friends do.

But have you ever considered sending a Christmas card to your boss or employer? Have you ever even sent one? What was your boss’s response? This is one gift or present many people tend to forget or bluntly assume to send.

But what if it works in your favor and you know it will? Will you send your boss a Christmas card then? Well, the chances of sending the holiday cards would exponentially increase then. There are many reasons why you might want to consider sending your boss architect Christmas cards this year. Most of which we will discuss here with you today. So, keep reading.

Reasons to send your boss a Christmas card this year

Connect with your boss – sending your boss a Christmas card is one sure way of making them aware of your presence in the job. It helps improve your connection and keep you top-of-mind of your boss. And this can easily also translate into possible future opportunities or support.

  1. Demonstrates a personal touch

Sending your boss a Christmas card also helps improve your personal touch and relation to the business. It improves your business relationship with your boss, former boss, colleagues, and even suppliers.

  1. Staying on the favorable side of your employees

Sending your employer a Christmas card is also one sure way of being in favor of your future employment references.

Your former bosses can be more helpful here as they are critical in ensuring your future employment success. Most studies also reveal that over half of all the reference checks done by interviewers and new jobs check on the interviewee’s conduct.

And if there is any negative review or input from any of your references, this can affect your chances of landing the new job. Safe to say that a single inexpensive gift card to your boss this Christmas may not be a lot, but it can be enough to change your future career.

  1. Developing a positive relationship with your boss

It is critical that you work towards developing and maintaining a good relationship with your employer. This is also a sure way of cementing the cornerstone of a successful future career. You never know where you will need the assistance of your boss, or even your former boss, or even former co-workers.

But then again, you also need to know the limits you should reach when sending your boss a Christmas holiday card. As in as much as it is always almost certainly a good idea to send them a Christmas card, there is a likelihood that it may also backfire and work against you. This is more likely to happen if you do not follow or observe all the proper protocols while sending the Christmas cards.

How to ensure your boss receives your Christmas card

Getting the perfect Christmas card for your boss may be the easy part. Then comes the part when you now have to address it and send it to your boss and not make it look inappropriate in any way. To do this, you need to be keen and alert in every step you make as even one misstep may cost you your job.

1. Shop for a high-quality Christmas holiday card

Your first task is to look for and buy the best high-quality card that does not, in any way, offend your boss. You also need to remember that not everyone is a Christmas person. So, you might want to try and avoid any cultural or religious nuances. You do not want to be the one who ends your career or build bad blood between you and your boss when all you intended to do was wish him/her a happy holiday.

  1. Choose an appropriate design

You also need to check for a holiday card design that is appropriate and, if possible, relates to the business. In any case, your boss will appreciate that you attempted to wish him/her a happy holiday.

  1. Ensure the inscriptions on the outside of your card are attractive and legible

If possible, you may even consider using calligraphy to add a more personal touch to the card. A hand-written name and address that is visibly pleasing will go a long way towards building a good relationship between you and your boss. You can also include your return address in the mailing envelope in case the mail does not get to your boss.

  1. Check the spelling of the contact details and ensure they are correct

One thing you do not want to do is misspell the name of your boss or company while sending them the holiday cards. If this happens, then you can safely throw any good points you aimed to score by sending the holiday Christmas cards out the door.

And if you want to know the severity of the situation, imagine someone sending you a holiday card with your name misspelled in it. Plus, there is also the chance that your holiday card might not reach its intended recipient due to the misspelled name.

  1. Do not be late

Accuracy and on-time mail delivery all depend on when you send the holiday card. Timing is everything. And you do not want to be the guy who sent your Christmas holiday card to your boss only for him/her to receive it two or three weeks later. Imagine how inappropriate and awkward that will be for you.

Final thoughts

Sending a professional greeting card to your boss can go a long way towards establishing a strong work relationship between you and your boss. You only need to ensure you work on your timing and delivery options.

Or you may end up with a very rough year come next year. Plus, there is also the chance your employer will not feel any differently even after receiving and reading your holiday card. So, you do not want to be too optimistic but hope that something might have moved him.

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