If you’ve ever wondered if it is profitable to create your own Internet business, the answer is a resounding and unequivocal Yes. Only you must stand for a moment to think about the economic situation we are experiencing today. Who does not know to this day at least one person (unfortunately often more) in their family or personal environment that is unemployed? … I think we all know the sad answer.

From that perspective, consider some of the inevitable paperwork that you must undertake if you want to open a business at street level:

* Define the type of business you want to undertake.
* Find a Local strategically located in terms of the activity in question and the subsequent payment of a monthly rent.
* Conduct market research, basic to study the feasibility of the business, research the competition, knowing the quantity and quality of our target audience, etc…
* Investment in advertising. If you want to let you know, advertising media, bus shelters, and other public transport, usually have a fairly high cost, plus they are directed to the general public.
* Order municipal license to open at City Hall, formalizing the beginning of the activities of the company (hold on, because here come the curves).
* Search the flexibility to set up the business (unless you’re a privileged) and start praying that I’ll grant funding.
* Certification name (which does not belong to other companies)
* Writing public and Registration in the Commercial Register.
* The corresponding tax obligations of any business.
* In case you cannot be at the forefront of the business and having to hire employees: affiliate them and register them in the * General System of Social Security.
* These are just some of the steps necessary to create a physical business. But why throw in the losses of time, long waits to licensing or to find financing, cross your fingers that we do not reject the documentation…. a world of possibilities.

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Now, focus the same situation from the perspective of online entrepreneurship:

* Ease of creation: An online business needs only to start work a computer with internet connection (which today have the vast majority of households) and knowledge of web design and online marketing (tools provide useful platforms BIM Latino and Empower Network).
* Potential global audience: There are no physical limitations for a customer visits your store. There are literally millions of customers around the world can access it.
* Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You need not be present for the sales you make.
Simplicity of management: You can manage an online business from home, sitting in front of your computer. Depending on the product you sell, you do not need a warehouse where goods accumulate. This is the case of digital products (courses, training, digital books …).
* Low initial investment: As I said before, just need a computer and internet. Throw in the investment required to promote the product you have selected and the domain and hosting a website. All with a very low cost.
* Online advertising and promotion, and online sales strategies can focus on very specific niche market (segmentation), which to publicize your business is much easier and effective.

I think this you can start to make an assessment of the advantages of being an entrepreneur online and the importance of this decision. If so, count on me to guide you on this adventure!.


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