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With the decline of the traditional office nine-to-five job and the rise of the online economy, more people than ever are making money from their front room armed with nothing but a laptop and an internet connection.

Between 2005 and 2017, the number of employees who worked from home at least half of the week increased by 115%, from 1.8 million employees to 3.9 million.

These people do not have a unique skillset, nor are they in possession of a money-making secret. Anybody can make money at home in a variety of ways. For inspiration on how you can earn money without leaving your bed, check out this helpful list from Money Done Right. These are several careers you can launch from the comfort of your home.


Companies are nothing without a website. The need for companies to digitalize information has led to plenty of opportunities for capable writers who can eloquently communicate information to the masses.

Businesses need writers for website landing pages, product descriptions, newsletters, emails, marketing copy, blog posts and digital manuals. If you can write clear and concise copy, free from mistakes, there are plenty of writing opportunities out there to kickstart your career.

Customer Service 

If you have customer service experience, there are opportunities for you to do your job from home. Many companies outsource their customer service operations to agencies, who recruit remote workers from across the world.

You might be responsible for taking orders, handling feedback or fielding customer questions. Many customer service roles offer competitive rates and employee benefits as well. Not bad for a job that never requires you to leave the house.

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Video or Audio Editor 

As we enter the age of the podcast, there is a steady supply of work for anyone that knows their way around video or audio editing equipment. Video advertisement producers, podcast hosts, YouTube bloggers and marketing companies are always on the lookout for freelance video and audio editors. Just ensure you have the necessary programs installed and start getting your name out there.


For those with the inclination and experience to cold call, you can get a reliable telemarketing gig online. Many companies outsource their telemarketing to third parties, who use freelance telemarketers to cold call consumers and businesses.

Telemarketers often receive a base hourly rate, but some (or all) of their pay may be based on commission. Basically, the more you sell, the more you get paid. Just be aware, most established telemarketing companies will not expect you to generate the leads yourself.

Computer Programmer 

For the computer literate, there is plenty of work from home opportunities to capitalize on; after all, what difference does it make if you are staring at a computer screen in an office or staring at a screen at home?

Many of the tech giants employ remote workers. These companies have an expansive internal remote working infrastructure that programmers can plug into and liaise with colleagues. However, for someone that wants to work remotely all the time, the smaller companies are usually the best bet. These companies often want to keep overheads low by saving on office space. They will be more than happy to offer you a full-time remote working position.

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