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Seeing your business grow can be one of the truly great things in life. If you began as a startup, watching your business empire unfold before your eyes can be both satisfying and emotional – especially when you have worked so hard for the success. There are plenty of great things that come along with business success. Knowing you achieved your goals is one, helping people is another and of course, the money never hurts! But, as Ben Parker from Spiderman said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. As a CEO, you will soon start to see your calendar fill up with business trips and meetings – soon it will be impossible to keep up with the day to day running of your company. This is where many business leaders fall, as they are unwilling to delegate the responsibility to anyone else. But if you want your company to keep moving forward, you will need to appoint a ‘right hand man’. Not sure who to choose? Here’s a guide.

Someone who has been with the company a long time

More and more small to medium enterprises are subscribing to the notion of ‘promoting from within’. This basically means that instead of outsourcing staff (either via agencies or job adverts) promotions are first and foremost internally based. Take a look at your longest serving members of staff and see if you think any of them would be suitable for a more active role within the company. The good thing about choosing an existing employee is they already know the business inside out, and quite possibly know it from a grass roots level too. This enables them to make good quality decisions and also helps them to relate to other employees more too.

Someone who is a natural leader

Generally speaking, you can watch someone for merely a few minutes and will be able to decide whether they are a natural leader or not. Sometimes, it may be below the surface – you might need to enforce leadership training in order to bring it out of them. But it’s there alright. Avoid anyone who you think might be happy simply being a ‘worker bee’ and anyone who is easily fazed, distracted or flustered; they won’t be able to hold the fort in your absence.

Someone who is well liked

Respect plays a huge role in the inner workings of your company. If ¬†there is conflict between the staff this ultimately rubs off on the quality of work that is produced. Every good business owner knows that this is something which always needs to be avoided, so pick someone who has good rapport with everyone in the office. This doesn’t mean to say that they are a suck-up, though. There will come a time when your deputy will need to offer a warning, or speak out against a member of staff. But they need to be able to do this in a calm and diplomatic manner, to gain the respect of other employees. Picking someone to appoint can be tricky, but stick to this guide and you should be able to make an informed decision!

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