Image courtesy of Artis Rams

Many shops now have loyalty cards and it can feel like you are carrying so many of them that your purse or wallet is stuffed through. Anything from supermarkets to pharmacies to garages will offer you a card these days and it can feel like the weight of them makes it not worth carrying them. However, there may be some advantage to having the cards..

Many people feel that the loyalty cards mean that shops can keep an eye on exactly what you are buying and that makes them annoyed. However, if this is the case then it means that they will be able to send you offers and discounts on the types of items that you buy which can help to save you money. Of course they will also know what things you buy and they will know what to stock their shop with because of what their shoppers buy from them. If you are not keen on having the shop know what you buy, then you will have to forgo the loyalty card.

Loyalty cards sometimes collect points for the owners which they can spend in the shop. These can really add up and help to give you big discounts. If it is a shop you shop in regularly then this is really beneficial. You can use the credits against your next shop and save money. However, if it is not a shop you use regularly then you may find yourself drawn to going in and spending money to make use of those credits. You could buy things that you do not really want or need just because you get some money off and this is not sensible. So be careful what you are doing.

Make sure that when you decide whether to get a loyalty with a particular shop and whether you decide to carry it with you, that it will be of benefit to you. Find out what the benefits of having the card are and whether this will be good for you. If you shop a lot and will get a discount then it is good, but if there is no discount and you do not shop there very often, then it is not worth bothering. The point of loyalty cards is that they benefit loyal customers the most and so if you do not shop there very much, then it is not worth bothering with them.

Of course, the day that you sort out your cards and decide that you will stop carrying some, you will probably go in that shop and be asked if you have one! It is a typical thing, but you can always keep them somewhere safe and take them with you if you plan on visiting that specific place.

If you cannot decide whether to sign up in the first place then ask the shop assistant what the benefits are. If the shop is busy you can always go away and check on their website to find out about it before deciding whether you want to sign up.