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Most jobseekers are looking to earn money, not spend money. That said, getting a job is becoming more expensive. In order to obtain that dream job, many people are investing in qualifications, recruitment help and travel. Whilst figures show that this can all help you to get hired, there’s no guarantee that it will help you get recruited. This begs the question – is spending money to get a job a good idea? Here’s a brief look into the times in which it can be beneficial and not so beneficial.


You can land many jobs without qualifications, whilst others require a degree as a minimum requirement such as medicine and law. In many cases, qualifications can make you look smarter and more equipped, making you more recruitable. If you want to get into a top HR firm, it could be worth trying to study for a human resources master’s degree. However, if you’re getting a job in a bar, you certainly don’t need a bartending degree.

Whilst many forms of higher education come with debts of thousands, not all qualifications are as expensive. When short courses and license applications are a lot less expensive. There are even some free courses out there including sponsored courses and nationally funded courses in other countries (for example, studying is free in Germany). However, even when it comes to the most expensive qualifications, these are rarely ever a waste of money.

Recruitment help

A lot of people pay money to help with the jobhunting process. This could include paying someone to write a CV or even paying someone to find those high-paying vacancies.

Paying for these services isn’t always useful. There are so many free job-hunting platforms and tools out there that are often just as efficient as paying for such services. For example, you should never sign up to a job listing site – whilst these sites may often claim to have exclusive opportunities, many of the ads will be available to apply to elsewhere. Hiring a recruiter for getting into a niche role can sometimes be handy, just as paying someone to write your resume can be handy if writing really isn’t your forte. However, in many cases you don’t need to shell out on recruitment help.

Travelling to interviews

If you’re applying to a job on the other side of the country, you’ll need to consider the cost of applying to the interview. This could feel like a big waste of money in some cases if you don’t get the job at the end of it. Fortunately, more employers are opening up to the idea of video interviews held via programmes such as Skype. This could allow you to still take part in the interview without having to travel anywhere.

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