Image courtesy of Myles Tan

Many people make new year’s resolutions at this time of the year and some of them can be career based. It may be that you want to make changes to your current job, but quite often it is a time that people think about having a change of career. It isn’t something you should rush into though.

Change can be something that some people relish. They love the challenge of doing something new and meeting new people. They enjoy a new routine and new job and the challenges that come with it. However, some people find change more difficult, they get stressed at the idea that there will be new people to meet and new things to do and learn. However, they may not be completely happy in their current career either.

It is not an easy decision to make. You may want to try to improve yourself, get a pay rise, do something more interesting and work with different people but also be concerned about the stress and challenges that might bring. Changing jobs may not necessarily improve things anyway. With the money, you will know whether that will improve or not, but everything else may not. You will not know if the people you work with will be better than those you are currently with, that the job will challenge you more or that you will learn new things. It can be an unknown as a job description is often very vague and it is hard to know what you will be doing on a day to day basis until you actually start the job.

So although it is good to have ambitions and want to improve yourself and your life, you need to think about whether the moves you are planning really will do that for you. Will they allow you to grow as a person, be happier, more successful and make more money or will you find that actually the job you are doing is worse than the last one. Sometimes it can be more sensible to think about how you can improve your current job rather than seeing whether a new one will be better. If you get stressed, for example, it may be better to work on ways to help yourself manage that stress rather than assume a new job will be easier. If you want more money it can be worth finding out if you can get this where you are, rather than having to go through the hassle of changing jobs. You may be able to do training courses and work your way up through the company that you are with rather than looking to a new company to do this.

So make sure that before you leap into a brand new career that you think hard about what your expectations are. Consider whether you will be better trying to achieve this in your current job and whether the hassle of changing jobs will be worth it. It will very much depend on you and the stage you are at in your life as well as your personality.