If you have recently been on a job interview, you probably had to answer to at least one of the following questions. While we answer a question, we are probably thinking of answering completely different.

In order to leave the best possible impression with our future employer, we often don’t say what we actually think, and try to leave some things out of it, here are some most common job interview questions, our answers and answers we actually think about.

1.) Why have you decided to apply to our ad?

Evergreen of all job interview questions will put a test of your camouflage skills.

Your thoughts: “I have applied because I need the job. What kind of stupid question is this? I don’t have money and I need a job. You have issued an ad, and you are now asking people why did they apply?”

Your answer: “I have applied because I always wanted to be a part of your company. Since I was a kid I was a fan of your brand, and working in this company is fulfillment of my dreams and life expectations.”

2.) What are some of your flaws and virtues?

Your thoughts: “Well my flaws include impatience, being lazy, I usually do only what I am told, I arrive at 9 sharp, and leave at 5. I am completely unambitious, I drink, smoke and I don’t like answering this type of questions. I don’t have any virtues.”

Your answer: “When it comes to flaws, people often tell me I am stubborn (the flaw that can actually be a virtue as well), and when it comes to virtues I am hard working, proactive, social, communicative…”

3.) What kind of salary are you expecting?

Your thoughts: “Oh jeez, you are acting like my salary depends on my wishes. I want the highest amount you can give me. I want a company car, phone, laptop, paid overtime, meals, transportation, free weekends, holidays, working hours from 11 to 3, and at least $10 000 per month.”

Your Answer: “I don’t care that much about the salary, I am here because of the love for the job since material things don’t give me any pleasure. I just want enough to compensate basic living needs.”

4.) Are you a team player or do you prefer to go solo?

Your thoughts: “Neither. I don’t really care whether I work alone or in a group, and my opinion will hardly effect whether I will do the job myself or as a part of a team.”

Your answers: “I would say that I am completely capable of working in a team as I am working alone. I am capable of fulfilling all the working tasks by myself, but I also work exceptionally well as a part of the team.”