Ever wondered what the successful fund manager’s success mantra could be? John Hancock Investments could well be the answer for many financially astute and smart team players, with its unmatched manager-of-managers approach to fund management in a tough financial environment.

This investment firm walks the talk, and backs its claims of being a pioneer at the manager-of-managers approach by deploying the smartest of strategists and executives to make its funds successful and beneficial for stakeholders. With more than 250 meetings in a calendar year, 100 in–person meetings, 165 financial wizards researching, planning and monitoring day in and day out, John Hancock Investments is dedicated to delivering what matters most to stakeholders – growth.

Our funds are spread across the complete spectrum of categories such as intermediate, large value and high yield bonds, conservative allocation, large growth and world stock; many of these funds boast of 4 and 4 star Morningstar ratings. At John Hancock Investments, it’s the investor first, and that’s why investment enthusiasts from across the globe have been reposing their faith, time and money here for more than 25 years now.

This video shows you why John Hancock Investments continues to be the guiding light for the cool and smart team players that look so good calling the shots at managing medium and large-sized funds for their clients and colleagues.