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So, you have decided to start working from home so that you can spend more time with your child.

But you find that you are constantly distracted from your work because of your child’s endless tantrums. Sure, your child is very important but your work is equally important. When you are working, you need to focus just on your work.

Given below are 6 tips to help you focus on your work when you are working from home:


  1. Have A Separate Working Space – The first thing to do is to have a separate working space. It can be a corner of your bedroom, the garage or a separate room. Keep a chair, a table, your computer and everything else that you need to do your work. Also, ensure that this place is not accessible to your children.
  2. Lock The Doors – There is no point having a separate working space if your children can access it as and when they want. Lock the door of your office and tell your children not to enter this place without your permission. If they want to speak to you urgently when you are working, then they should knock before they enter.
  3. Keep Your Computer Password-Protected – In case you do not have a separate room for your office and have designated a corner of your bedroom as your working space, then put a password on your computer. Your children should not use it for playing games or the purpose of having a separate office space will be lost. Also, if they are able to access it, then you may end up losing important data.
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On the other hand, if you chance to have an extra laptop and do not want to be disturbed, it won’t harm to allow your child to play around half an hour or so on PC gaming sites or in using paint until you wind up something urgent. Remember that excess of everything is not good, otherwise it’s okay to allow some leeway at times.

  1. Hire A Nanny – Since you cannot look after your kids when you are working and cannot leave them alone either, the best thing to do would be to hire a nanny or a babysitter to look after them during this time. .
  2. Communicate with Your Children – It is important to talk to your children and make them understand why your office is out of bounds for them. Children are very intelligent and if you explain it to them properly, they will understand. They should know that you have work to finish, which is as important as their school homework, and you shouldn’t be disturbed during your work time.
  3. Spend Time With Your Kids – Take breaks from your work and spend this time with your kids. After all this is the real reason why you are working from home, isn’t it? Have snacks together and make sure mealtimes are also a family affair. Catch up with them after school.


It would have been difficult to take this decision to work from home. But the incentive is very good for both you and your kids. You can spend time with them and are around when they need you. But, at the same time, don’t neglect your work and get behind deadlines. Have a schedule and stick to it.

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