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Holidays are just around the corner, making us step into the magic world and think of our New Year’s resolutions. If you have already experienced this scenario, these holidays are about to empty your pockets in a matter of time!


Yet, there are some smart ones who know what the holidays’ shopping looks like and actually, have a wide experience of spending less on more! In case you wish to have a formidable New Year’s Eve party while spending little, join us in our strategy and come down from the little fluffy cloud the thought about New Year’s Eve has put you on! Stick with us and keep on reading the following lines and guide!


Shopping Lists are Saving Lists!

Keep this thing on your brain the next time you head to shoppings. Especially at Christmas and around the New Year’s Eve, every market and supermarket is specially designed to raise the prices so much so that you will end up on January with your pockets empty. You can start writing down a shopping list from now, even though it is not even Christmas yet – also, you can start get some things that can be bought – like napkins, candles etc. By that, you will not feel the Christmas fever due to the fact that you are buying every item at a time, and on top of that – trust me, you spend so much less than you could ever imagine!


Choosing the New Year’s Eve location

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I don’t know about you, but in my homecountry the New Year’s Eve is widely celebrated on the most exibithionists places. Big money are rolling there, yet you can have the same fun and great time while entering the new year while paying less. One great thing you could start taking and keeping in your mind is choosing the New Year’s Eve location – especially at the end of November – the beginning of December, many bosses are raising so much the prices you can not even afford. Next time, start schedule your New Year’s Eve from September and you will pay 40% less than you would pay now.


Working on New Year’s Eve?

Hmm, I would go for that! In spite of wasting $300 on the location, $100 on SPAs and more to go, I guess working two days and getting $1000 on reward would work for me. What about you? Yet, while being young, having fun is the key to a happy life and beginning of a prolific and beautiful year!


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