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Even though you no longer need business premises to run a business, they are still the most conventional way of housing a company. After a while, every business wants to lease business property and stop running it from the living room. Why? It is down to the benefits, such as increasing the reputation and standing of your company.


However, there are also negatives to owning or leasing business property that you need to contemplate. The main negative is theft and burglary, and below is how you make sure you don’t become a victim.


Lock Every Door And Window


Doors and windows are the most common entry points for burglars. Although they may look safe and secure, or too small, never underestimate a professional. Thieves have the uncanny ability to use the slightest gap to their advantage. Plus, doors and windows, in particularly windows, are notorious weak points. They can be easily broken or jimmied open to leaving your business vulnerable to attack. The best option is to fit security doors and windows, and then lock them with a padlock or a deadbolt.


Survey The Premises


The weak points of the building won’t just stop at the doors and the windows, however. In a lot of cases, buildings will have numerous weak points that need addressing. Survey the building and see what you can find regarding possible entry points. For example, is there a gap in the fence or a ladder that can be used to reach a high window? What about the fire escapes? Fill the gaps as soon as you can to avoid any potential disasters.


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Install A Fence


To stop thieves from getting inside your property, you need to keep them firmly on the outside. The best option is to keep them as far away from the building as possible with a fence or a gate. It is true that some people will climb a fence, but it still makes the process much harder. And, you can add security measures like sharp wiring to make it even more daunting. As thieves are opportunists, they won’t take any undue risk like scaling a fence full of barb wire.


Buy A Top Alarm System


If you listen to Mono Alarms, experts in security systems and intruder alarms, simple alarms aren’t enough. What you need is an alarm that is hard to crack and that will inform the authorities within minutes of an attack. Any alarm that a burglar can easily disable is of no use because they will stop it before it has alerted a soul. However, an alarm that connects to a twenty-four-hour security firm means a rapid response. The more bespoke your commercial alarm is the better the results.


Leave On The Lights


Lights, just like at home, stop burglars from attempting to enter the property. An outside light illuminates the area, so there are fewer places to hide. Anyone walking past will be able to spot the intruder and raise the alarm. In fact, anything that does provide potential shelter should be taken down or stripped back.


Security is one area of your business you must treat with respect.


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