Have you ever had problems with your project management process? Although it’s hard to believe there is actually an easy way out, the folks at WRIKE made it possible by building an application to put all other project management tools to shame. Back in 2014, Wrike was honored to receive the “Cool Vendor??? name in Social Software and Collaboration by Gartner. In case you are looking forward to making your work hours a lot more pleasant, read on!


Just a Click Away

One popular problem that occurs when dealing with finding a project management process that works for you is lack of time. Anytime you have to deal with complex and difficult tasks along with the requests from a demanding client, it comes in handy to have everything available right there in your browser window. The chrome extension makes it easier for you to cope with your own set of tasks and projects along with those of your colleagues too!


Sharing Documents

The chrome extension is one of the most powerful and useful online project management tools. Whenever you are working with your team online click on the icon of your chrome extension and start sharing your documents in a quick and easy way.


The Outdoor Collaboration

Every time you are away from your desktop you can always stay in sync with your team and leave comments and suggestions right there in the task. This way, you save yourself and your team time while improving your project management tenfold!