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Getting a new computer means that you will need to get some other stuff, too. You will need things that will keep your new system safe and you will also need something to store your data on when you are switching between devices.

Secure USB

When you want a way to keep your data safe while you are transferring it from one computer to the next, SecureUSB offers a new form of protection. These flash drives feature a keypad right on the body of it which is where you will need to enter your encrypted, personalized PIN before inserting it into the USB port to unlock it. When you get ready to secure your information again, simply disconnect it from the computer and it will lock itself.


Another thing that you might want to buy when you get a new computer is a new router. If you have the typical wifi, then the chances are good that it is less than perfect. Wifi doesn’t pass through walls as well as ghosts do. If your router is a few years old, it is time to get a new one.

Everyone will have their own opinion as to which route is the best one, but if you do a bit of research, you will come across a few that come up time and again. You will probably want to get a router that utilizes the AC standard.  Also worth considering is a wifi extender – because all routers have issues in spaces that are large and have a lot of walls and more than a single level.

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Recovery Disk

There might come a time when you will need to start from scratch with your new computer, if something goes horribly wrong. Yes, there are computers that come with a recovery disk, but many of them these days just don’t. You will be able to order one from places like Lenovo, HP, and Dell, but that will cost you in terms of both money and time. If your new computer didn’t come with the necessary recovery disk, you will need to make your own. You can do this using a USB drive if it has enough memory.


If your new computer is a Windows computer, when you turn it on for the first time, you should run Windows Update. It might be that it came with the original version of Windows 10 and since then, there have been a couple of major updates. One of the biggest alterations that Windows made is that now Windows Updates are forced – meaning that it is quite difficult to skip the updates. There are times when you will need to wait for the update to come through and that it why it is always good to check for updates as soon as possible.

Windows Defender

Microsoft does have an anti – malware application. It is called Windows Defender and it comes built it to Windows 10. The thing is, it might not be enabled. Manufacturers of laptops will often disable this since they bundle free trials of various other anti – malware software on the computers… and this is software that you simply don’t need.

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So, check to see if Defender is enabled and make sure that it is protecting your computer, regardless of anything else anti – malware wise.

Encrypt It

If your laptop gets stolen from you, there is typically nothing that can be done to stop whoever steals it from taking your hard drive out and putting it into another computer. Doing this will bypass any type of account password protection and will allow them to easily access your data. This is preventable though when you encrypt the hard drive. Encrypted drives will only be able to be accessed if the encryption key is provided – this usually takes the form of a PIN, a preset password, or by inserting a USB drive that contains the key. You can encrypt the whole drive using BitLocker, which comes with certain versions of Windows.

Doing these things will keep your new computer protected and running for the foreseeable future.


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