If you want some extra money and you have already been working hard in your regular job, then you might be looking for some ways that are really easy or lazy to make money. Sadly, if there were really easy ways to do it, then we would all be doing it and we would all be rich. However, there are a few things that you could try which may boost your income and not be too difficult.

It is worth starting by making sure that any savings that you have are earning you a decent amount of money. This means that you need to be checking the rate on your savings account to see if it is decent and competitive. It can be easy to just leave our money in the same place and assume that it will earn a decent amount of interest, but actually many instant access savings accounts pay very low amounts of interest at the moment. There are some that are reasonable and it is good to keep an eye out for these and consider switching to them. If you do not need instant access to your money, then you could switch to an account where you can get even higher interest. Some have fixed rates for a certain amount of years and others will limit how many withdrawals you can make in a year or you have to give notice when you want to withdraw. Most will let you have your money right away but you will have to pay a penalty and forgo interest as a result. The specific terms will depend on the type of account that you get.

Selling things that you no longer want or need is also a fairly easy way to make money. You can advertise them on local social media groups and then the buyer can come and collect them form you and pay in cash. It is very simple to do. You could use online auctions which will reach a lot more people and you may be able to get more money, but you will have to pay to list and pay a fee when you sell as well. You will also have to post items, so will have to work out how to package them well and get them posted out.

Playing free lotteries can be a pretty lazy way to possibly win some money. Whether you win will depend on your luck, but you just have to go to the website each day and check. It is so easy, the sites get income from advertising, which is why you have to visit the site to check if you have won. Obviously there is no guarantee that you will win. The sites with more members tend to have higher prizes but a lower chance of winning. It can be fun though and you hardly have to do anything for the potential of getting some tax free cash.

Doing surveys could be something that will appeal to you as well. Many people find answering questions like this a lot of fun. This means that they are enjoying themselves but also earning money. There are a lot of sites that you can sign up with to do this. Some will send you surveys by email and you get paid for each one. Others you will have to visit the website and you will have to answer qualifying questions first to see if you can do the full survey and you may not get paid for this or may just get paid a small amount. It can be worth finding out about the different sites and deciding which you would like to work for.