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Have you ever managed to come across one of the best and well-known history, the P&G talking about their path to money? Would you like to know more about it, as well as to have a role model to look into? If so, the P&G will definitely help you get a better image over what you can do, from the very beginning. So, in short, in case you are looking forward to, stick with us, and… keep on reading!

Little history

P&G or Procter and Gamble is known as being a multinational goods company, set up back in 1837 when founding such a business was not easy task. Nor is it today, still there are more known those days than they were when nothing was just a bunch of old habits. The company’s two founders, Procter and respectively Gamble managed to meet one with the other when they married two sisters. Their father in law, Alexander Norris was the one to call for a meeting and got them the idea of founding a business, since William Procter was a candle maker while James Gamble a soap maker. By putting those two services together, the outcome was out to be the one favorable for both of them and so, for the family as well.


Believe it or not, until today Procter and Gamble have at their hands products of pet foods, cleaning agents and personal care. Since it was based as a multinational, its earnings are extremely colossal. In addition, its history and tradition speaks it all about the quality it comes with, nevertheless about the majestic products that provide us with. The beauty segment and the pet food one are the most prolific of them all, since the taste of them matches the pets’ one, and the quality of the products, as mentioned above, is not far from being the best one of the world.

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Where to find the manufacturing places

A rather thrilling thing to know about the Procter and Gamble multinational company concerns the fact that you can actually find it everywhere in the world, from US to Australia, Europe, Japan and the list can continue. And let’s not forget what the two skills its founders had – a simple candle maker and a soap maker, that managed to turn their best skills into a real business to be written in the history of the money makers – totally exhilarating, don’t you think?


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