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Have you ever had to deal with a big responsibility, that actually was not meant to be in your hands? Well, I know how it felt! Sometimes we have to deal with things that we are not interested in, yet if the boss directs it to us, there is no way back. Unfortunately, for most of us, we tend to take it as a must and stop wondering whether or not it suits us. These being said, if you are looking forward to learning how to say no in such a situation, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to learn how to run from a deplorable responsibility – and rather start setting a price and value for yourself!


Be a Busy Bee

Whenever your boss comes with an unexpected situation and wants to give it to you, showing how busy you are might be the best thing ever. Usually, bosses are looking for their stuff to be done in a minute or two, yet if they see you having numerous things at once, they will be more than likely to choose someone else to do their stuff. It is a safe yet smart strategy to take up when things are too ambiguous for you, as well as asertive and will not affect your career, as long as you don’t do it on a daily basis!


Have a Large Breakfast

Believe it or not, having a large breakfast, especially at your workplace might end up with you getting a bit late for work and showing to the others that yet again, you are a busy bee. By this way, your boss will be more than thoughtful not to charge yourself with lots of stuff aside from what you already have to do – and, in addition – will not say a word for you having your breakfast just because it is a normal thing and way to keep you energized for coping with all the stuff the company has prepared for you.

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Be Assertive

Nowadays, it is hard to say no – most of us have learnt to say it, yet again in a bad way that is bound to, sooner or later, get them fired. In order for you not having to cope with such a strange and undelighted situation, learning to be assertive will be the best way to get things in your way!


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