Regardless of what your business does to make a profit, you’ll need to pay special attention to your branding strategy. Some of the most established and respectable companies in the world spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on building brand identity. While you might not have the same size budget, doing the same within your firm is just as important. With that in mind, we’re going to provide you with some information about the basics of memorable branding today. After you’ve read through all the points made below, you should be in a better position to get things right first time around.

Selecting a memorable name

So long as your company had been registered, you can trade under almost any name you want. That means you should spend a lot of time considering your operations and selecting something that truly reflects the message you want to promote. Make a list of possible names and pass them around the office to see what the rest of your team think. You could even take a vote.

Coming up with a killer slogan

While you don’t have to include a slogan, it could be sensible to think of one if the name you’ve decided to trade under is a little vague. For instance, the credit card company American Express uses the tagline “don’t leave home without it.??? You need to ensure you don’t select a slogan that’s already in use, but that’s easy. All you have to do is paste it into Google. If there are matches online, you’ll soon find them.

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Choosing two colors and use them constantly

Now you have the basics covered, it’s time to start thinking about color schemes. You might not think they’re very important, but they help the general public to recognise adverts and associate them with your brand. There are plenty of websites and articles around that recommend the most-effective color schemes. So, all you have to do is a little bit of research. Representatives from online marketing agency Search Insights told us they had managed to increase sales for clients many times. They did that by simply changing the colors they use.

Considering your use of different fonts

Fonts can be just as important as colour schemes when building a memorable online brand. For that reason, you should seriously consider which you choose to use. Again, there are plenty of guides and lots of advice on the internet you might like to read. As a rule, fonts like Times New Roman tend to give the impression of professionalism. Arial, on the other hand, makes people perceive you as friendly and approachable.

Presenting your brand promise

Your brand promise is a bit like a mission statement. You want your customers and clients to feel completely comfortable with the purchases they make. To achieve that, you should write a single sentence that sums up exactly what your company is all about. For instance, Coca Cola’s brand promise is “to inspire moments of optimism and uplift.??? As you can see, that is a very strong statement to make. You should aim to say something similar.

So there you have it guys. Now you’ve read through all that information; you should be ready to start work on creating and promoting your memorable brand.

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We wish you all the luck in the world.



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