Many people would like to find some extra work, perhaps starting a business, joining one or buying into a franchise. However, there are some scam opportunities out there and it is not surprising that many people are concerned about the fact that they may be being ripped off if they sign up to something. Therefor it is really important to make sure that you hunt out legitimate opportunities to protect yourself.

One sure way to do this is to set up you own business. Do everything yourself from the planning to buying the stock and setting up the website and promoting. This will mean that no one else will have an opportunity to scam you or rip you off. Obviously this is still not a guarantee of success as you may still find that you do not make a profit and so you will have to very carefully do your research and planning to work towards making sure that you do.

To work together with someone else you will need to form a trust with them. Whether that is an individual or a business and there are lots of ways to do this. You should find out as much as you can about them to start with. Look at their website in detail and see whether you think it seems genuine. Then search for the company or individual online and see if you can find out any information about them. If they have worked with others then they may have left information about them online. It could be good or bad, but anything is useful in helping you to form a picture of what they are like. It can also be wise to speak to friends and family. Ask them to look at the information you have about the company or individual and see whether they think that it seems like a good idea to work with them.

Another precaution to take is to not commit too much, too early. If you invest money or time in something then you need to feel confident that you will get a return for your efforts. If you are at all unsure then wait and find out more first. Ask lots of questions and just take small steps so that you are not taking big risks. You may think that if you are only giving time then it won’t matter so much, but you could be doing other things with your time to earn money and so it is always worth thinking hard about this sort of decision. If you are expecting to get paid for your time, then it would not be unreasonable to ask for some money in advance and then the remainder once you have completed the work or to provide it in small instalments and get paid for each instalment.

It can be easy to be too trusting and get involved in business opportunities without doing enough checking. It may feel mean to be untrustworthy, but you do not want to lose out as a result of heading into an opportunity without researching it first; a lot of people have lost money like this.