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Little Update about

Well hello again, it’s been a while since I wrote a last post here on MakeMoneyInLife. I’m sure you’ve noticed that Gabriela took over the most of the writings and helped me tremendously, she’s on a little break now in June, but she will be back in July to bring you more news on how to work from home and make money online.

I’m also very busy with my other offline activities and online ventures I started in 2013, which I will cover in posts scheduled for June and July.

But Dado ( our editor in chief ) is here with you all the time and he’s been taking care of the guest posts and business opportunities, which means that you’re not alone and that you’re in very good hands.

We also changed our look for couple of times, I guess I’m very picky when it comes to how blog should look like 🙂

Let’s get straight to the point now, I’ve joined Linkvehicle recently and they helped me a lot to make money online using my blog.

How LinkVehicle Works?

LinkVehicle is an online marketplace where bloggers and advertisers meet to help each others. If you’re a blogger like me or you have a popular and high value content website, then this is for you.

Basically, you can earn money by selling text link advertising on your blog or you can earn money from product reviews. I need to be honest with you,this is not sponsored review or anything like that, right from the start, LinkVehicle founders approached me and created a couple of offers for me, with just 3 offers I was able to make $220.

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Now, it’s 2013 and there are thousands of businesses approaching bloggers and online writers, but there are only few that make you some money and help advertisers at the same time.

And I can proudly say that LinkVehicle is in the range with SocialSpark and Text Link Ads, these are the companies that you should definitely join if you want to make some real money online.

If you’re advertiser, your business traffic and SEO will skyrocket thanks to the valuable bloggers they have in their database.

How did I made Money with LinkVehicle?

One offer was text link advertising  and other two offers were review articles, something like this one, but sponsored by the advertisers from the network.

All you need to do, is to write an article and send it for an approval, if it meets the criteria, you will be payed, payments are made 30 days after earning the money and you can choose paypal, simple and easy as that. They do take 50%, but since they always get you new offers, it’s worth it to split the prize.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all about the money, but when I make this type of money with one simple blog, it makes me happy, because   I know that I will be able to pay my writer and editor a money they deserve, plus you will get the chance to read article like this one.  And articles like this one, are seen all over the world by the people who want to make some money online, they too have bills to pay and family to feed, so my friends, LinkVehicle is the right choice.

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Here are the screenshots from my paypal account:

LinkVehicle Publisher Payment   makemoneyinlife   Gmail  LinkVehicle sent you $160.00 USD - - Gmail


Feedback for the LinkVehicle

And since this post is my honest and sponsor free review, I must say that I’m not impressed with one thing. You see, if you don’t have time to write a review, LinkVehicle offer to write it for you for a couple of dollars, around $7 I think. I took their offer to test it, and the  reviews I got were really bad, around 200 words and and bad to the bone. So guys, work on that approach a bit more.  In the end, I wrote the articles myself and I’m sure that the advertisers got their ROI, I’m sure they did, because I publish the posts with the real companies and real people you all can work with and make money online.

SO, this article is getting to long, so I will make it shorter,  if  you want to make money online, LinkVehicle is the place, thanks for reading, and stay tuned because I have couple of more companies to write about next week, they also made me money and they will make you money for sure.

Have a great day my dear readers.



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