I love music very much, and sometimes while I write on my blog or read something, I like to listen music.

But sometimes the cd’s I bought are just not interesting anymore, that’s why i listen the radio online and earn something on the side.

I create the playlist for myself,  you can create your own playlist with your own music that you like.

You choose everything on the site, and if you also want to buy music, it’s click away.

100% Free Internet Radio

They will not try you to get paid version,cause they don’t have one, it’s all 100% free.

Just online radio where you can listen great music as much as you want, there’s no limit.

The site is called 977music, where you listen music and earn prizes.

Station Channels Based On A Specific Genre

They feature many live channels of free internet radio programmed by real human beings

that you can tune in to any time – no account required!



Listen and Earn Prizes

Sign up and immediately earn listener points redeemable for cash and prizes just by listening

to their online radio stations and browsing the site.


Create Your Own Stations

Build your own song playlist with unlimited skips and unlimited playback.

You choose the songs, you choose the order they play in, you enjoy it whenever you want and you can share it with your friends.

It’s like having your own personal internet radio station.


So, enjoy the music, test the site, have fun and after earning enough points you are on your way to earn money and gifts.

image credit: livecbradio.com