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Have you ever wondered what Listia is all about? Would you like to get something that has been on your mind for some time now, but the price is too high for your financial support? If so, you don’t have what to worry about anymore! Listia is one of the best and helpful websites through which you can get rid of your old stuff and get some new ones for… free! These being said, in case you are looking forward to find out more about this win-win situation, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines!

How Listia works

Listia is a really easy and handy website to cope with. From the very beginning, in order to get a better understanding of it, think of eBay – now, try to change the situation a little bit and hear that Listia works as the eBay platform, but you get your stuff for free! In short, that’s a better option to take into account when you are looking to fulfill your dream, but it seems to be too expensive to achieve.

As a Listia beginner, the first thing you should know is that it works on credits – the more credits you gain, the bigger your chances to win are! Your first 500 credits are automatically gained only by creating an account. Still, if you want to increase your chances to win some of the most wanted stuff, down below are some easy tips we are ready to share with you.

  • Enter your first item on Listia
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As being part of a social neighborhood, you will have to supply the items that are going for auction – still, that’s an easy job, since all of us are having a hard time making use of some of the oldest stuff, probably hidden in the back of the garage. For your first item you will gain 500 credits, which lead us to 1000 credits in every user account just after two easy steps!

  • Invite Friends

Listia is an increasingly developing neighborhood looking for new people to join! If you are willing to help, you will gain 500 credits per friend!

  • Stay active Auctions-for-Free-Stuff


Any Listia user looks for earning more credits, in order to get something they have always wanted for free. In this case, make sure not to mislead the conditions, as well as keep connecting daily with Listia – the work team is a friendly one that comes with numerous credit surprises for the most active users! You never know when they will be increasing your gains by night.

  • Connect with social platforms

Are you looking for promoting the stuff you are throwing away? If so, make sure to connect with Facebook and Twitter to get you in the business and to earn 50 credits for each of them! There will always be someone out there in need of your old stuff, and some credits in plus will surely be in handy for getting that one thing you are craving for!

The process of gaining what you wish for is extremely simple – as a Listia user looking for getting the craved stuff, your work consists in biding on the thing you want as many times as possible – by this way, the user that wants it best will gain it!

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These being said, by following the easy steps mentioned above you have more chances to win anything you want at any of the auctions you take part in!


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