Loan protection insurance is created to help policy owners by providing financial assistance and support when it’s necessary. This kind of insurance can protect monthly loan payments from default. There are different terms and conditions of the loan protection policy depending on where it’s offered. Britain and the U.S. offer different forms of loan protection insurance. In this article you will find the information about these loans and how they work and if they could suit your needs.

These policies offer protection for a short time period and provide coverage from 1 to 2 years depending on a company providing insurance service and policy.With a help of loan protection it’s possible to pay off credit cards, payday loans online, personal loans and auto loans. Policies are available for people from age 18 to 65 who are working at the time of getting a policy. To be eligible for the policies, a person should be employed and work on a long-term contract or be self-employed.

You should know that there are 2 types of loan protection insurance policies:

Standard policy, that disregards the gender, occupation, age of policy holder and also if he/she has any habits that negatively impacts health. This type of policy is quite popular and offered by the most of loan providers. Maximum coverage for such policy is 24 months.

Age related policy, which is offered only in Britain. Maximum coverage for this policy is 12 months and quotes can be less expensive.

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The price of payment protection depends on a place where you live, type of policy you choose (standard or age-related) and how much coverage you want to get, but it’s worth to notice that loan protection insurance can be expensive, also the cost partly depends on your credit score.

How much coverage is enough depends on the insurance company. Some of the companies can offer $20,000 while other companies offer more. It’s important to research the different policies in detail, it will help you to find a company providing a less expensive coverage that is suitable for you. Also it’s important to make sure that you know all the loan protection insurance terms and conditions, this information is mostly available on the company’s website. Choose a company that can give you all the necessary information and avoid companies that hesistate answering some questions or hide information that it’s important for you to know.

Before getting a policy it’s better to make sure that it’s the best option for you. Keep in mind that a loan protection policy doesn’t fit for every situation. Do not hurry up while choosing an insurance company, the price for a mistake can be extremely high. Think well if getting the insurance will be effective for you and do not forget that getting loan protection insurance is an important financial decision.


Mila Ray is a financial expert and copywriter working for the trustworthy lending company. In the articles she writes and shares her financial experience and provides honest information on financial issues. Mila has been writing professionally for 5 years and has an experience of work with different kinds of financial products and services.