Motor insurance for many people may be one of those apparently necessary evils – you might not want to spend the time and money getting it, but the law requires that if you drive a car you need at least the barest minimum level of cover.

That’s not to say that there are ways you might ensure to arrange your motor insurance cheaper than you might otherwise pay:

  • the need for comprehensive cover – if your car is old and not worth a great deal of money, you might decide to forego the luxury of comprehensive cover and instead settle for third party or third party, fire and theft to meet your legal obligations at a fraction of the cost;
  • cars fall into various insurance categories, with the smaller, less powerful variants classified into lower – and therefore cheaper – insurance classes;
  • because they are typically more expensive to repair in the event of accidental damage, imported makes of car generally fall into higher – more expensive – insurance categories;
  • some elements that determine the price of your motor insurance premiums may be beyond your control – your age, for instance, or your postcode;
  • one of the biggest factors over which you may have much greater influence, though, is your driving record and claims history – the more you are able to avoid motoring convictions, the more insurance claims you are able to avoid, and the lower are your premiums likely to be;
  • related to this is your ability to earn the no claims discounts that practically every motor insurer is likely to offer;
  • in order to secure cheaper motor insurance you might also want to consider restricting those who may drive your car to named drivers only
  • the greater proportion of the risks you are prepared to shoulder yourself, the lower the risk assumed by the insurer and the cheaper the premiums may be if you accept a greater excess;
  • some insurers may also grant discounts on their premium rates if you take steps to mitigate losses through theft and vandalism by installing immobilisation devices and alarms;
  • it may have become almost common practice to buy your motor insurance online – perhaps after browsing one of the many comparison websites that are currently available;
  • this may be a quick and convenient way of buying your motor insurance and you may gain access to a certain number of major national providers – what you may lose, however, are the many and varied benefits of using a local broker for your insurance needs. One local provider – Alan Blunden Motor Insurance in Southend – however, guarantee to match internet quotes for people living within a 25 mile radius of Southend. This gives customers all the convenience of getting a local service from a local broker, while still getting cost-effective cover. This could be an option to look out for in your own locality.
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In summary, when it comes to buying motor insurance, a necessity it may be, but there are a large number of factors affecting your choice of motor insurance cover and the price you pay for it.


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