Wondering why logbook loans are making news these days? Well, it has been hugely popular mode of credit solution and has lately been availed by numerous people. There are many reasons why people avail this loan without giving it a second thought. The first thing that needs to be told whilst speaking about logbook loans is that they do not require any sort of credit check or credit history check. And you heard that right. This is the prime reason why so many people are availing this loan irrespective of the tumultuous financial condition of the economic world.

Why Logbook: Well, one reason has already been discussed. Now let us go through various other reasons why this loan is the best and why it stands apart from the other forms of short term credit solutions.  The turnaround time of this loan is unbelievable. There are some checks that are dome and then one can get the loan without much delay.

Another important advantage that one can avail from this loan is that they do not need to keep their car as a mortgage with the loan providing company. That is of great advantage because it helps one to continue with their business without any sort of hindrance because the car can help in a business.

The interest rate levied by the logbook companies is not much as compared to other forms of short term credit solutions. In fact it is much less than the interest charged by the other loan providers. Therefore it can helps in sufficing all your needs without putting much of a pressure on the loan applicant.

One can also get to choose from the various kinds of repayment plans that are available. There are various kinds of repayment plans that one gets to choose from. Hence, they can do it according to their credit status and choose a plan which they find easy.

How to avail a logbook loan: The procedure of availing a logbook loan is also fairly easy. The first thing that one needs to do is to find out a good logbook loan provider in their locality. Once you find such a loan provider you can get in touch with them and they will explain all the details to you. You will also be told to furnish a few documents such as valid income proof, age proof and obviously the V5 registration which is also known as the logbook.


The requirements to avail a logbook loans are as follows:

  • The applicant must provide a valid age proof and he/she must be above the age of 18.
  • The logbook should be registered in the name of the one who is applying for the loan.
  • The car must not be older than 8 years
  • The car should be kept damage free once the loan is availed till the time it is repaid.

Therefore it can be said that a logbook in is certainly one of the most easy loan solutions available in the market today.


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