Are you looking for a job in the papers? That is old fashioned. Are you looking for it online? Chances you probably are, and it seems that job ads on the web are becoming overcrowded these days and are often misguiding. One company wants to change that around the world, and they have started in Europe.

Downtown Berlin in the Berlin-mite neighborhood everything is alive and trendy. Near the Rosenthaler Platz square a 28 year old Robin Haak and his 3 partners have founded a company called Jobspotting. He is currently holding a position of what used to be a salesman. The other three founders have been working for long time in Google. They are highly skilled programmers that wan’t to make a revolution when it comes to searching a job online. They want to make what Pandora, Spotify and Netflix have already done when it comes to music, or film, to recommend their users jobs that can only interest them.

IT and marketing for starters

That is what Jobspotting is exactly offering since the beginning of this year. Their online search enigne has access to more then 200 000 job openings in Germany and England, and at the moment they are focused on IT and marketing since the demand is the highest in these field. If the things take its course as planned, Jobspotting will add to their offer other academic professions including infrastructure, and then finance. When it comes to supported markets, it is planned to reach the whole Europe and United States soon.

Jobspotting is co-operating with classic websites for job huint such as Monster or Stepstone. When a company publishes an ad, Jobspotting is analyzing the text of an add and it classifies it and then compares it to your profile. Some websites have tried to implement that before, but they haven’t succeeded. It seems that it was too technologically advanced for these companies to handle that kind of process.

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30 000 skills

Users are called for help as well. It is necessery for users to define their profile as precise as possible. The users can choose from 30 000 available skills on the site that are interconnected. It is like a huge connected map, it is necessary to explain that skills in online marketing are much closer to skills of classic marketing then programming. Of course users should also enter their previous work experience and other details.

The platform

Jobspottting is learning based on users habits on the website. So the algorithm determines what is right for you based on your decision of taking, declining or skipping a job offer that is served to you.

In first two months of work Jobspotting has gained the trust of 20 000 users. User database is growing everyday, and large expansion is planned this summer.

If you are living or you are planning to work in either England or Germany then Jobspotting could be a right place for you to find a new job.