If you are really desperate for money then you might be looking for ways to make cash now. There are actually lots of opportunities for making money but they may not all pay out right away. This means that you might want to only concentrate on opportunities where you can get paid really quickly.

One way of getting paid quickly is to sell items that you own. You might be able to take things into second hand shops and see whether they will buy them from you, if you have any antique or vintage items or any collectables, then you are more likely to get paid for those things, but it may be unlikely that you have any of these sorts of things. You may have more everyday things though, perhaps clothes that you no longer wear or do not fit, accessories that you no longer like, home wares you no longer want and things like this then you could sell these. You may have better success with selling them on facebook groups or apps where you can get local people to come and collect them and pay you in cash. This will enable you to get the money that you need quickly.

Of course, you may not have anything to sell and so you might be looking for alternative ways to earn some extra cash. Getting payment in cash, means that you would have to work locally for cash in hand. It might be possible to pick up work doing cleaning, gardening or car washing locally to get this, but it depends whether you have the skills and resources available to do this. It also relies on you being able to find willing customers, which may rely on you knocking on doors and hoping people will trust you enough to give you some work.

Doing work online could be a more reliable way to get some money although it could take longer to get paid and you will not get cash, but you will receive money through an online nak, such as Paypal or by BACS to your bank account. There are sites where you can pick up freelance work and this can be a great way to make money. You might be able to pick up work writing, designing, programming or things like this. As long as you have some basic skills in these areas you may be able to find a job that is suitable for you to do and get paid for it. If you take on a smaller job you will be able to complete it more quickly and get paid more quickly. If you feel that you do not have the skills for this wort of work then you could earn money clicking adverts, answering surveys or playing free lotteries. These do pay a lot less and it could be a long time because you accumulate enough earnings to be able to cash out. It can be worth a look though as you never know what opportunities you can find to make some extra money.