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Have you recently done a total garage cleaning and realized there are plenty of things you can’t take advantage of anymore? Would you like to throw them out, but can not do that because your dearest family members have been the ones to give them to you? That’s surely a delicate situation, which requires clever and yet subtle manners – and here comes our help, letting you know some major aspects of one smart way to use (or re-use) any of the useless things from your garage or home, and on top of that, getting some extra income while remaining the owner of them. Stick with us to see how easily you can make clever earnings in your neighborhood with ShareTown!

Businessman Throwing his Money Around

Founded in 2012, ShareTown is a sharp idea to rent anything you need on a certain moment. There comes a time when you are probably in the need of an expensive object, but for a short period of time, and buying one would seriously feel like a waste of money. In such a case, ShareTown is the easiest way to find one or more things you need but, as well as that, to be the one to rent them. The steps are really simple and easy to follow, so make sure to read on the lines below to meet them!

Both lenders and renters

By signing up, you will have to agree with the terms and policy imposed by ShareTown. Since it is a ‘money’ website, there’s no wonder why your PayPal or credit card account is required. As a lender, the first thing ought to be done concerns taking photos of the items you wish to lend. After uploading them, all you need to do is keep waiting for someone to contact and pay you for your services. Like in any other websites, asking yourself some questions does not come as an abnormality – instead, it is highly recommended for all the details to be taken into consideration, not only for receiving the money for a specific idem (or paying for one), but also for receiving (or giving) back the item in the right shape and appearance.

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Important details

By now, everything seems as a perfect choice – and it really is. But what if the possible renter you have been contacted by, doesn’t show up at the right time and place? In such a case, there’s no need to panic. ShareTown is actually a virtual neighborhood, and if one of the neighbors don’t respect the others’ time and interest, it may be cast away from the area. Still, we are humans and we can not predict the future – it could happen to all of us to have a bad day or an unexpected event, so one of the main characteristics of the ShareTown neighbors is being able to understand each other.

On the one hand, ShareTown provides any lender with the possibility of adding insurance to the item he is lending. By this way, even if anything goes wrong, you will make sure to receive your item back in the state you have lent.

On the other hand, there are some products that are forbidden for renting, such as perishable items, food and the list can continue. All of them can easily be found on the website, and on top of that – due to the fact the algorithm they are chosen by is logical, they will be really easy to be remembered.

These being said, it seems like ShareTown is one of the best ways to make some earnings by lending the useless stuff hidden on the back of the garage to someone that can really take advantage and use them. Whether your renters are members of your family, neighbors or friends, anyone of them can provide or be provided with the right item!

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