If you need money in a hurry today, then there are things that you can do. It is not always possible to get the money immediately, but there are things that you can do to get money fast. Usually you get paid into your Paypal account and so it may take time for money from that account to reach your bank account, it is not like you can often find ways to get cash, however, there are a few things that you can do which might.

Selling items that you own can be a really good way to make some extra money. If you are selling items locally, then you could either deliver or get the person to collect and pay you cash. You can do this through auction websites, but also through some social media selling pages. If you advertise the item as collection only then you will not have to worry about postage and people may be happy to pay you cash when they come and collect the items. If you price low enough they are likely to sell quickly, particularly if you give a lot of detail in your description of the item when selling and lots of good photos.  This could mean that you will get the money in your hand the same day or within a few days. If you have lots of small items that you could sell, then you could try a car boot sale or a table top sale. Although you will have to find the money to pay for the table/entry to the sale, you could end up making a decent amount of money.

There are other ways that you can make money as well. If you find a small piece of work online, perhaps a little bit of writing, some design work, programming or whatever, you could be able to get it done very quickly and be paid the same day. It is easy to find work like this online, you just need to take some time to look for the websites that have genuine work from home opportunities available. It is important to do your research first and make sure that you trust the site and that other people do as well, so that you can be sure that you will be paid. This will not be cash though, but you could soon make it into cash once it is transferred to your bank.

Some people like doing easier things to earn money online such as answering surveys, watching adverts or videos or taking part in free lotteries. These can be a lot of fun and it can be possible to earn some money, but it is likely that you will have to earn a minimum amount before you can draw out the money or that you will need to wait a while to get the money. It will also not be cash but it will be paid into a Paypal account or similar. This can still be a fairly quick process but it all depends on the particular site as well as your bank.