I like dogs, they make you happy and fulfill your life with happiness and commitment, they help you become more responsible person.

If you love the dogs too, this next opportunity will help you make money as a dog walker or runner.

Many dog owners just don’t have enough time sometimes to take their dogs for a walk, and then they need someone to replace them for couple of hours.

About the Website

Jogsfordogs.com is a website where Dog Owners meet Runners, if you like to run and keep your body in shape while making money then keep reading.

Their philosophy is pretty simple: they think every dog should have the care, attention, and exercise that they deserve.

They think Runners want to do this not just because it’s a great way to make money, but because it’s a great way to exercise and have fun too.

The website platform will help dog owner to find the right runner, because every dog needs a different type of person to take them for a walk.


How To Make Money

Owner members are looking for Runners, Walkers, and Sitters.

You decide how long to run, but usually JFD runs are less than 1 hour, making it the perfect workout for any time of the day.

It’s the good way to stay in shape, because sometimes dog owners will sometimes need your services 5 times a week.

It’s your decision which dogs you run and when.

You also decide how much to charge your clients.

A typical 30-45 minute run is $25.

Whether you are a student, stay at home mom, teacher, lawyer, or anyone else with an hour to spare, JFD is a great way to make some extra cash and get some exercise.

Make money as a dog walker, enjoy the run, meet some great people and dogs and make extra cash on the side for yourself and your family.

Hope this will help you as it helped other people, try it out and tell me your experiences.