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I’m very tired today, it’s one of those days when you jest feel like you cant move a muscle and you want to sleep all day long. And this summer rain doesn’t help at all. Later I’m planning to go for a sleep and rest a bit, but first one thing needs to be done, providing value on this blog.

This type of job and working from home can be so time consuming if you don’t plan everything up front. Blogging is not easy, but once you manage to find the best and fastest way in returning your time and money invested, you will start to notice some good sides.

In this blog post I’m going to tell you and explain you in very simple words, how to make money from your blog, and how blogging can be profitable for you.  You know, when I started blogging back in 2005, it took me almost year and a half to make any profit from it.

Yes, it’s scary thought that you need to spend almost two years and to invest your precious time and money, but it can pay off in the end. So lets start from some easy steps and then I will tell you one thing that you need in order to make money from your blog.  This will not be some of those articles where you’ll read same thing all over again. Because I always go straight to the point, no BS, no lies, just simple truth and how you can use  what I learned over the years and turn it into profit online.

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You need a Plan

Maybe it took me year and a half when I first started, but if I would need to start all over again tomorrow, just give me a laptop with Internet connection and I will make a profit in a month, maybe even a week. How? Keep reading, you don’t need to quit your job in order to become full time blogger, you can have your blog as a second income stream. But you need a Plan, sit down and write what you want to do on your blog, selling your offline product, your software or simply providing value and making money from advertisement.  Whatever it is, you need a plan, my first mistake when I was starting is that I didn’t had any plan, just to make money online, well guess what, that’s not enough lol.

You Need to Have a Knowledge

Knowledge and information, that’s the key to your online success, learn first, collect information and give it to the others in return for some loyalty, friendship and of course money. We all need to live of something, and in your case it will be your blog and value you give on it.



You need a Product

I already mention this before, if you’re selling some type of offline or online product then your plan will be to promote it on your blog. Build a community around it and prove that you deserve their money in return. Prove that your service is good enough for them to stay and help you in building a brand. If you don’t have a product of your own, sell other peoples products.

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How to Start a Blog?

Like it’s the rocket science these days, technology is here to helps us, if you know how to use it, you can make it work for you instead. If you don’t have a start up capital or any money, use free platforms like Tumblr or Blogger. Once you get enough recognition and you make a community around your name, give a valuable information, then use platforms like Joomla or WordPress.  These platforms will give you more freedom and security around your blog, you will have big community of developers to help you and much more. Register a domain name, and a cheap hosting for a start, but be careful and spend just enough to make  return of investment. Once you start making more, you will need to invest more, especially in hosting.

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Now, this is what you have been waiting for in this blog post, and the truth has always been in front of your eyes. I even mentioned it earlier in this post, it’s called value, people will pay you to give them valuable information. I will not try to sell you anything here, just keep reading.

Sell Information

For example, would you pay me lets say a $30 to give you information on how to make money online in a month or a week. Paying this small amount, you would save yourself year and a half on research, maybe even more and you could be able to start making money blogging, faster than I did. Always value your time more than any money on this world, did you saw what I did here, I just sold you a valuable information and I made money blogging.

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Get Advertisers

Attract the advertisers, as you can see, I also have advertisers on my blog, they are paying me for showing their business to my loyal visitors and  maybe even future business partners. You can start with one tool that is called Adsense, it’s simply the best ways for bloggers in any niche to make money by having advertisers all over their blogs and websites. You will get checks in the mail, and believe me when I say that the feeling is indescribable, knowing that you made money by simply sitting at home and selling your offline or online product and even information.

That’s it, this is maybe one of mine biggest blog posts, I hope that you found value in it, because the more value I give the more money I make.
Both sides, you and me just got what we looked for, at the end of the day, we all have bills to pay, so if you need more info, contact me because I always need to pay more bills. 🙂


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