If you are looking for some extra cash in your pocket or even a new career prospect, then we have got the answer. By using these tips, you can make more money than you ever imagined online easily. It all starts with a word that you are probably already familiar with, and that word is, blogging.



You may already know quite a lot about blogging, or at least think that you do. Blogging is a way for people to get emotions out and talk about their lives. It’s what stay at home mums don in their spare time, right? Well, we suppose this is true for some, but for others it is a business venture. People use blogging to make a living online, and we are going to show you how to do it.


Start With A Topic

It can be anything, but we suggest choosing something that you are either familiar with or passionate about. Then, come up with a title around that topic. So, if your topic is dogs your title could be “Wild About Woof Woofs!??? Then, go to a website builder and fill in the blanks, making different sections for your websites.  You should always include are a news page, and an about the author section. Once you have done this, you can start writing some articles.

Writing Articles


Your next task is to write some articles. If you think you have a unique voice that will grab someone’s attention, you can write them yourself. But, if you are the type of person that struggles with conveying their ideas, you may want to hire some writers. Or, start by writing it yourself and then switch to hiring people after you have made a profit. You should incorporate search engine optimization into your blog or site. This is a way to get your blog noticed when a consumer uses a search engine. It is a skill that can be learned but there are sites like Companies like this help people like you by designing their site in the right way to attract readers. It may be something worth looking into.

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Build A Following


If you have taken our advice and had your site designed by experts, you will already have a good following. But you can always increase interest by using social networks. You can use the ones you already have set up or create new ones if you want your blog to be separate from your personal life. Use networks such as Twitter to gain interest by retweeting others related to your blog topic. Then, tweet a link to your blog and watch as your number of readers increases dramatically.

After you have done this, you should attract advertisers who will pay for space on your blog. This is how bloggers make profit and how it changes from a hobby into a business. After that, you just have to make sure that you keep updating your blog with fresh, interesting pieces of writing.

Setting up a blog in this manner we guarantee, at the very least, you will have more money in your pocket at the end of each month.



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