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Have you been looking around Facebook for a modality of making money? As far as we all know, the social network platforms are mainly used for promoting different stuff, yet it is almost impossible for a user to make some money directly from these platforms. Still, you are about to find one of the best and single ways to make money by finding a bug on Facebook – keep on reading to see what we are talking about!

How to discover a bug

The fastest way to spot a bug is taken up the security researchers. In case you are one of them, Facebook could easily be a source of money to you! As any other Facebook user, the first thing to do consists in searching through the social platform and see whether or not everything is in the right place. In case it is not, you have probably spotted a bug in the system, a truly advantage that could provide you with some handy money! Still, in order to get the payment, you will need to both spot and find a solution to get the platform back on track!

Monetary rewards

Believe it or not, Facebook pays you for your attention and intelligence! Since it is a social platform used by millions of users, it is utterly important for the business to keep on going without having anything to interfere and destroy the natural path of it. In this case, you can become a security researcher, receive compliments and above all, get some monetary rewards – and they are not small – instead, they are all worth it! The minimum one is $500, whereas the maximum is not even mentioned since it does not exist. The payment varies from bug to bug, solution to solution and dedication to dedication – the complicated it is, the bigger the reward is! Still, in case you are looking to get them, make sure not to spot some of the bugs found on different applications, since they come with the system and will not provide you with any money – instead, you will lose a lot of time that you could have spent doing something different. The ones you should better avoid spotting are known as:

  • Security bugs in third-party applications
  • Security bugs in third-party websites that integrate with Facebook
  • Denial of Service Vulnerabilities
  • Spam or Social Engineering techniques
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