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If you are at this website, you’ve probably already read lots of articles regarding how to make money online. Keyword research, link building, SEO,mailing lists…the list goes on and on.

The online world is flooded with competition and all of them with the same promotion ideas…every single website in any industry is flooded with Ads trying to fight for your attention. Every industry has extremely powerful websites already associated with them. How is a new Internet marketer with a new business to compete in this ever growing and intimidating world?

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you have a membership website that teaches people about oil painting (just an example!). Members pay a monthly fee and get access to premium videos teaching them everything there is to know about oil painting. There is a recommended products section on your website linked to Amazon so you can make commission off of any referrals. There is a blog with several wonderfully researched articles and fascinating insights about this little piece of the art world, all monetized with Google Adsense. This website is truly a wonderful resource for anyone who is into oil painting and has the potential to make the webmaster lots of money.

Unfortunately, even though this website has been worked on and perfected over hundreds and hundreds of hours, nobody knows it exists and nobody cares about it. Hours of link building and promotion never seems to get any significant numbers to the website, and those that do make it there aren’t the target audience. Not only that, there are too many powerful oil painting ecommerce art stores dominating the SERPs for keywords like “oil painting classes??? and the like.

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What can this poor webmaster do to get people to her website?

Advertise in the real world!

Here are a few ideas that will get her some qualified traffic:

  • Put up fliers about her website at the art department of her local colleges, universities, and other art schools.
  • To go art shows and museums and promote her website there with fliers and business cards.
  • Buy a small advertisement in applicable art magazines promoting her website.
  • Ask to leave fliers and brochures at local art supplies stores or galleries.
  • Put incentives directly into these “real life??? advertisements (“email me that you found me through this Ad, and I will give you 20% off your first month’s membership fee!???).

Not only will these visitors be extremely targeted when they visit the oil painting website, they also won’t be in “browsing mode??? (i.e. they’re less likely to check out other websites in your same industry like they would if they found your site through Google).

Real life advertisements give a sense of legitimacy to any website promoted that way, and the competition is WAY lower.

The truth is people put in ridiculous amounts of effort into their online advertising, making the competition extremely stiff online. In person, the competition is not only virtually non-existent and can be much more effective.

Spend one day per week on your offline marketing efforts for your online business and you will start to see how effective it really can be.

By Mike Omar. Learn how to build several types of online businesses at

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