Dancing is beautiful form of art and way of life for many, dancing keeps people happy and helps them learn about their body.

But in today’s economy it’s hard to find good payed dancing jobs, and it’s hard to make money dancing.

That’s why I will tell you about websites where you can find dancing jobs and castings for dancers very fast,which will help you to make money dancing.

Since I know that you want to find these dancing jobs fast, lets get to the list of websites to make money dancing.

Dancing is great and unique way to make money offline.

Make Money Dancing Websites

Dance.net – Dance.net has free job and audition listings for dancers, instructors, choreographers, performers; live chat; kid-friendly dance forums; photo uploads; searchable database; and a great international community. And it’s free to join, they cover their costs with help of advertisers so you can use the website completely for free.

Zobnot – With Zobnot, individuals and groups (the “talent???) can post their resumes, headshots, videos, audio files, and update their current performance schedules for fans, friends, family, and employers to view. Simultaneously, Talent is automatically entered in a monthly contest to win $1,000 by getting the most votes from site members.  The use of website is free for talents.

Thedanceresource – Their mission is to provide an invaluable online resource to dancers and people in the dance industry by creating a community that shares knowledge and ideas freely to inspire and encourage the love of dance in all who visit. You can find potential new dance jobs and make money dancing right from this types of communities. It’s free to join.

Answers4dancers – Description from the website: “Answers4dancers was launched in 1999 with a single goal in mind…build a resource that will empower dancers to think, to grow, to lead, and to create successful careers for themselves”.  It’s not free and there are monthly subscriptions.

Dancers Pro – Dancers Pro allows you (the professional dancer) to list your resume and portfolio on their central online database, accessible to 350+ employers and dance companies. Their unique profile tagging mechanism enables them to instantly alert you to upcoming jobs which match your skills.It costs a monthly subscription of £15+VAT.

scene from movie dirty dancing
scene from movie “dirty dancing”

There you go, the list of websites where you can join, explore the community, find dancing jobs, and make money dancing.

This is one of the unique ways to make money online, but last two websites are not free and they look for subscription, monthly and annually.

You can choose for yourself, if you think that you can make good use of the website, then it’s maybe worth to subscribe.

I’m not affiliated in any way with these websites, I just want to help you to make money doing what you love and do best.