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make money during summer

How to make money online in August of 2013, it’s a bit strange title but it will show you how to make money online I’m sure in that. It’s summer and everyone is outdoor, swimming, playing with their family, kids and friend, eating ice cream, having a good time or even a vacation. Most of them are actually on a vacation, I had a small vacation myself, but that’s a story for another post.

Summer can be a hard time for us working online to make any money, because everyone is outdoor and they don’t have time to browse the web all the day.

But don’t worry, there is a way to make a quick buck online, even in this slow summer period.

5 Ways to Make Money Online in August of 2013


Early Mornings and Late evenings

Do your business early in the morning, if you have a big client list, send the emails very early in the morning, the chances are higher that they will read their emails when it’s fresh outside. Or even try late at nights, most of the people are at home late at night, because they are exhausted of all the daily activities, and that’s the time when you need to market to them.

Sell Vacations Online

Everyone is booking hotels online during the summer holidays, there are billions being generated over summer just from vacation websites. Website like tripadvisor (world’s largest and most trusted travel community) will pay you up to %50 commissions for refereed clicks and customers who came through your links or banners. You can thank me later for this tip 🙂

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Rent your Space

Your city is probably full of tourists, no matter where you are in the world, you can use that for your own financial benefit. There are many websites like airbnb where you can post your spare room or house for people to stay while on vacation. And tourists visiting your city will probably pay more during the summer because they don’t want their summer ruined for any cost.

Sell on Ebay and Etsy

Just go on Ebay or Etsy right now, and tell me what you see? That’s right, a ton of summer products selling like crazy, swimsuits. flip flops, sunglasses etc.. Just take a piece of that pie, become a middle man, find a product on ebay for cheap, go to amazon and sell it for a bit higher price so that you can gain a profit, it’s that simple.

Target Mobile Users

If you’re using PPC, PPV and other types of traffic to get sales, target mobile users, they are probably carrying their smartphone or tablet with them.  They maybe escaped from their laptop or computer, but their phone is always there in the pocket…

There are a tons of other ideas, but I need to go outside, it’s such a nice weather, but I’ll be carrying my smartphone with me 🙂

Drop me a comment with your own ideas, thanks.



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