I get a lot of questions from people asking me: is it secure to start making money online now and how to do it?

But also one question caught my attention: Is “make money online” just another gold rush?

Well I can tell you this, the gold rush is rare and when it happens, many people will get rich, some will just try to do the same.

And many will not succeed because it’s too late and they’re just copying or (digging) the same empty hole where there is no gold anymore.

Is it the same thing with making money online, is everything over and can today so called gurus provide us with some good  resources and some real cash. Pretty same old informations are circulating the internet since 2005, 06 and that was the period when I started and I remember the same these questions as I’m getting now: is it over, is our chance to make money online over, everyone’s online now and the’re not that easy to convert into customers etc…

Internet is here to stay, you remember that, and for the people that are calling themselves experts and gurus, that’s not true, some of them are real, I know cause I had a teacher that made over 1,000,000 in cash in period over  year and a half. Of course he didn’t tell me everything he knows, no one will tell you his best secrets, that’s how the world works, sorry folks.

But I will tell you guys this, he told me that internet is growing bigger, but that doesn’t mean that you will earn less.

The more people, the more you will make, you just need to be unique and smart and to be a step forward before anyone else.

Set the rules and make everyone else follows you.

And for the end, the gold rush is still here, just read blogs like mine, and my tips that i write for you guys, and once you will figure out even better ways of looking for gold, this hole is still full.


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