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Make Money Selling Online Traffic

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Traffic, that word makes you feel happy and also can make you stressed because you don’t get enough of it.

After content, the traffic is most important thing that every online business need to get slowly or fast, and by fast I mean by buying it.

Let me explain it for the ones that are not familiar with this word, other word for traffic is “visitors”, or simply the people that are visiting your website/blog in certain period of time.

Buying Traffic

Now, the traffic can grow slowly, people will find your business with time, traffic can be untargeted and targeted, meaning that untargeted traffic will not be interested in what you have to say or offer and targeted traffic will stay longer and convert better.

You can loose your time and grow your traffic slowly over a period of time, which is perfectly fine, I do this too, but what I do also is that I buy traffic. This saves me a lot of my valuable time, and i spend more of it on creating valuable content or products.

You can Buy YouTube Views too, it’s also one form of the traffic, which you can use to promote your business and videos on youtube.

Buying traffic can bring you instant exposure and help you with your business to grow faster and become more recognizable.

city trafficSelling Traffic 

Well this is what this post is all about, if you know what traffic is and you can provide other people with it, you can make money selling traffic.

The easiest way is to have a marketplace where people are looking for traffic. I use fiverr sometimes to buy traffic for $5, it’s just for the purpose of testing and finding out the best way to convert website visitors into clients. You can sell your traffic there, but for that price, the quality is not always what we expect it to be.

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If you have traffic from your online business which is much more better, and you think that it’s very targeted traffic and that people are converting easier, then this next website is for you.

It’s called GoTraffic, it’s online traffic marketplace where you can sell your traffic for really high price, I saw that people are selling traffic from $20 up to $2,500. But be careful, you need to know the price of your visitor, don’t sell high quality of 10,000 visitors for cheap price.

There are two ways you can sell your traffic on this website:

1. Publish a listing – publish your listing and set the price, after that you just wait for the best bidder.

2. Bid on a listing – you can look through the listings of buyers, and choose the one you can provide traffic to.

All transactions are made with PayPal, and website gets 10% after the deal is finished.

Where to find traffic to sell?

  1. – Boost your website traffic with guaranteed visitors from $1.95 per 1000!

  2. Revisitors – Targeted traffic since 2005

  3.  More sites coming soon…


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