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I’m very happy that Internet is evolving this fast and this way, link shortening become great way to make money online. And since sharing links online is the blood of any online community, why not taking a chance and making some great profit.

There are many url shortening services that pay low, and sometimes don’t even pay, but this next link shortening service is paying good amount and is very reliable.

There are so many link shortening sites on the internet that pays to their users for every visitor to their links. The payout may vary from $0.2 to $5 per 1000 visitors depending on the country of the visitors. I have come across a new service that pays up to $1000 per 1000 visitors! You can have a look at is a link locker used to protect and shorten any url whether it’s a download, video or a password while making big money in the process. Here is an example of shortened link –

How does this work?

You can use to shorten any links. However instead of redirecting the person visiting that url straight away, they will first be required to complete a short offer which is usually a survey. Once they complete the offer they get redirected to the original url and you get paid. You may shrink website URLs that contain or link to adult material. You may place links on any website that contains or link to adult material.

They pay via Paypal and Moneybookers, the payout threshold is really low, just $25, which only makes it easier for users like you and me to make more money online.

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Instead of using couple of url shortening services, you can use just this one and make it easier on yourself, plus you will earn good money.

Tips to Earn More

When it comes to earning money with url shortener, you need to know couple of things:

Upload your own files.

Follow the Trend

Share link with as much social media sites you can.

Offer something valuable in return for a click, it can be short report or ab ebook.

Use email marketing to send your link to more subscribers and users.

Be active with sharing your links, no one will click if you share links only for profits.

Connect with users and provide them with content they need, this way your links will get you 100% ROI


There you go, there is everything you need to know, just try it for yourself and you will be positively surprised  Short your urls and make money online, if you’re not the expert and need some quick money, then visitorvia is the website for you.


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