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Affiliate marketing is a popular business model. You can make money from it

As an affiliate, you’ll be referring qualified leads to a merchant. If the visitor completes a purchase, you would earn a commission automatically.

If you’re affiliated with good third-party merchants, the commission could be as high as 50% or more. Your responsibility is to drive targeted traffic to the specific squeeze page or salespage to complete the sale.

However, affiliate marketing is simple, but the simplicity makes it difficult for newbie and intermediate internet entrepreneurs to understand.

See, there are basic steps you must take to bring about success with affiliate marketing.

One of the passive income ideas from my mentor was recurring affiliate offers. I want to show you the 3 simple steps to increase your affiliate income. Follow the steps and share your experience.

Here they are:

1.    Research The Market

In the context of internet marketing, the market is a group of people who are interested in your offering. They have flair for the product you want to sell – in fact; most of these people already know the pros and cons of using them.

When we launched find notary; the largest notary public and mobile notary directory in the United States, we had to research the market to know if people are searching for this information. And we discovered the market was hot.

Here’s another example: let’s assume you’re in the weight loss market. The people you’re targeting are those struggling with their weight. Some of the people are desperate to lose 10 pounds in a week. With thousands of weight loss products online, and new ones being released into the market, you’ve to position yourself correctly in order to beat competition.

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Market research is so vital to your affiliate pursuit. Don’t proceed with any affiliate offer until you’ve mapped out the audience and what they want. This would guide your every step towards choosing a good product – see next line.

2.    Choose A Hot Product

The difference between affiliate marketers who make money and those that don’t isn’t expertise or experience. It’s the product they selected. There are hot products and there are mild products. The best products that can sell to generate huge commissions for you must be hot, rabid and helpful.

What the market needs desperately is a product that answers their innermost questions. The product must be valuable. Not just a regurgitated e-book which everyone has read. No, make sure the product chosen is timely and aligns to your audience.

It’s vital to read testimonials and experiences of other people before promoting an affiliate product. Getting firsthand information about the said product would help you send the right people and make money.  Affiliate marketing isn’t for hit-and-run marketers. If you’re willing to invest a great deal of time in driving targeted traffic, your sales and commission would go through the roof – especially for a hot product.

3.    Drive Targeted Traffic

I’ve talked about driving targeted traffic earlier, but I want to extensively deal with it to help you understand the importance of quality traffic. A lot of affiliate marketers are not making substantial commissions because; they’ve neglected this affiliate principle. Off course, there are 10s of ways to drive traffic to your website and blog, but when it comes to making sales, you don’t need all manner of traffic.

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The objective of choosing affiliate marketing as your business model is to send the right people to a product, software, a membership site or to download a short report. You’ll make little or no sales if everyone visits your salespage.

Don’t waste time with every manner of traffic generation. It may not convert well. Focus on the right people. And the best way to get these people is through content writing and content marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Takeaway

You’ve to be consistent when promoting an affiliate offer. Success online doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time before you can see good results.

Spend time writing quality articles for syndication across A-list blogs. Use social media networks to connect with target audience and build strong relationships. Recommend an affiliate product to your fans, followers and blog readers. You’ll definitely earn extra income by taking action today. See you ahead!


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