You all  heard that content is king, have you ever questioned yourself why?

Well I will tell you why, because the person that has a website with a lot content is having more chance to be found on Internet when someone on the other side of planet have the same problem or question on which you are having the answer in your content.

Have you ever heard for article directories, you probably did but you don’t know what is it and how to make money with article directory.


The good example how someone make money online with article directory is ezinearticles, ehow, and many others.  Basically the article directory is website where people come to write an article about topic that they are familiar with and put the link in article to get some backlink to their own website.

This way the webmaster of the article directory gets the new content without writing anything and writer gets link from directory to his site and on that way he increase the page rank of his site.Now I’m going to show you how you can also make money online with article directory without any programming  background or a lot of money.

There is one really great script called article setup, with this script you can setup your own article directory for free, yes for free and it has a lot of options.

Now you are asking yourself why is this way to make money online good, well it is good because you will have a lot of work force(people) that are going to write articles for you simply because they want to be linked back to their site or to get exposed and maybe find some job opportunities on your site.

Stay online long enough, put the adsense on website, and you will have content that will bring you a lot of traffic and new ways to make money online.

It’s really easy to set up, all you need is hosting, domain and this script, writing fresh content is what Google likes the best.

Increase your traffic by commenting on other blogs and article directories, give people something to write for.

Share your adsense revenue with them and they will be more than happy to contribute, you will get content, they will get backlinks, some money, it’s definitively a win win situation.