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How It works?

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What is GRAZEit?
GRAZEit is focused on helping you to browse the web in ways you’ve never imagined. You’ll see related content wherever you want to see it. That content can come from friends, family, bloggers you like to follow or the entire GRAZEit community.
Using the GRAZEit browser plugins and extensions you’ll be able to access stuff from areas you’d never have thought to explore and do so quickly, smoothly, and within the community of your choice.
GRAZEit brings you a smarter and better web browsing experience.
How can GRAZEit help me browse the web?
Remember the last time a friend sent you an interesting link? You clicked it, read the page, and then you were at a dead end. GRAZEit lets you continue the journey. Liked what you saw? Your GRAZEit plugin shows you what other friends thought of the same page and where they recommend you go next.
Maybe someone you trust has blogged about the page you’re looking at. When you look at your GRAZEit plugin you can see who linked to that page and what they had to say.
With GRAZEit, every site is a potential springboard for a more interesting and informative web browsing journey.
How can GRAZEit help my blog? My profile on other networks? My website?
When you blog about a page or site on the web there are usually two ways for people to find that content: they can read your blog or, if the site supports this feature, they can follow a “trackback” link from the page itself.
GRAZEit provides a better solution and, unlike trackback, it works on every website.
When you’ve written a great blog post and you want to share it with the world, GRAZEit helps you do so.
Let’s say you’ve written a post on your blog about a new Eminem album you just listened to.
Your blog isn’t about Eminem and it’s not even about music but you’d love Eminem fans to read your comments about their idol. Using GRAZEit you’d create a graze and then spread it to all the relevant pages you can think of. The next time a GRAZEit user goes to Amazon’s page to look at details of this album they’ll see your graze and possibly become the next visitor to your blog.
GRAZEit allows you to reach a much wider audience and build up a following inside and outside the GRAZEit community.
Click here to see more information on using GRAZEit to draw traffic to your site.
What is a “graze”?
A graze can be thought of as a small teaser with a hyperlink, picture, and some text. It’s a flyer for the 21st century.
When you have a web link that you want to share with others, create a graze and spread it wherever you’d like.

How do I create a graze?

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Creating a GRAZE is simple and quick. Just follow the steps below:

1. Login to GRAZEit and click “Create a graze” button. The “Create a graze” wizard appears.
2. Enter the URL of the page you want to Graze and click Graze it. After a short moment, a preview of your Graze appears.
3. Optionally, you can now customize the Graze further:

Add tags
Add a description
Set the category of the graze
Set the language of the graze

4. When you’re happy with the graze, you can do either of the following:
5. Save it to your list of grazes
6. Spread it to all relevant pages on the web

How do I spread a graze?

Now that you’ve created your graze you can make sure it appears on all the relevant sites you want. Posting it on these sites is called spreading the graze.
Spreading a graze is easy and you can do it as little or as much as you’d like.
Important: Spreading to relevant and related pages will increase your standing and gain you clicks and respect from other GRAZEit users. Spreading to random unrelated websites will have the opposite effect and people will quickly treat you as a spammer. Nobody needs that kind of karma!

To spread an existing GRAZE:

1. Open your Dashboard:

1. Login to GRAZEit.
2. From the links in the top right corner, click Me. The Dashboard appears.

2. To see the list of grazes you’ve created, click the Grazes tab.
3. Every Graze in the list has a Spread button. Click Spread for the specific Graze you want to spread. The Spread wizard appears.
4. Use the Spread wizard in any or all of the following ways:

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Use the Web Search tab to find related pages and click Add for each page you want to spread on.
Use the Type URL tab to manually add URLs and click Add.5. After you have added a target page, it is shown in a list on the right side of the wizard. To spread your GRAZE to all the listed pages, click Spread.

Where should I spread my grazes to?

Spread Grazes to relevant pages on the web. Only relevant pages.
For example, let’s say you’ve created a GRAZE linking to a post about a new Eminem album:

A good GRAZEr spreads this GRAZE to: and
A bad GRAZEr spreads it to all popular web pages she’s heard of:,, and

Can I report a graze?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to do so. The more feedback you leave regarding poor or unsuitable GRAZEs, the more reliable the material on GRAZEit will become. This is a community and we can work together to make it the best destination for useful, quality content.

What is a graze page?

A graze page is a website that is referenced by one or more grazes.
If you want to see all grazes for any page on the web, the quickest way is to visit the site and use the toolbar in your browser. If you don’t have the plugin or toolbar installed, you can go to and click Quick URL Access.
Enter the URL of the page and press . All grazes for this page will be shown in a list together with others from the same domain.

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What is the Quick URL Access?

To check whether a web site has been grazed, includes a quick and powerful tool called the Quick URL Access. .
Click the Quick URL Access button and enter a domain or a specific address. Some clever find-as-you-type technology works in the background and you can see the list of results changing as you enter the address. Give it a try now – it’s great for finding what others are discussing on sites you’re already familiar with.

What is a set?

When you spread a graze, you might typically spread it to the same group of pages. For example, perhaps you’re blogging your way through Australia and every time you post a new entry you create a graze and spread it to some Australian tourist sites that you like. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to type in the URLs of each of those sites every time? Good news: you don’t!
GRAZEit allows you to create a set of pages and use that set every time you spread a graze. To experiment with sets, see the Set tab in the Create & Spread a Graze wizard.

I took this from FAQ on graze site.
And I promise you….when you jooin,youll see a very big amount of traffic to your website,and you will not spend a penny or dime….


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