I love when I work in calm and  well designed office space, it makes me work more and work smarter.

You probably have space for renting, and you know how to make money renting your space for sleeping and living.
But now on loosecubes you can make money renting your workspace, it’s community marketplace for workspace.

The idea is great and if you have some free space, then you could make money from home, really easy and fast.

Why just to rent space for living, when you can rent workspace and help many people in need for fine and different place to work and get more inspiration.


The different workspace will help get you rest, and different way of looking at things, and work you do.

About The Website and Founder

In their own words:

“Loosecubes is a community marketplace for workspace. We connect people who have great workspace with people who need it.

We’re highly connected online. Loosecubes brings those connections into the real world during business hours through shared workspace. We’ve found that coworking can lead to new jobs, partnerships, referrals, and friendships. It’s about so much more than finding a desk.”

As you can see, the website is very popular and is here to stay, the idea is unique  and opportunities are just amazing, if you want to make money online and to work online from home or different workspace.

Campbell McKellar

Campbell founded Loosecubes so that she could have a productive place to work anywhere in the world.

A nomad at heart and a Brooklynite in practice, Campbell’s driven cross country three times, traveled through Asia, Latin America, and Europe, and already packing for her next trip .

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She loves juicy white board markers, cooking mexican food, hearing from old friends & making new ones. Her dream loosecube is a simple, rustic cottage on the Maine coast where she can smell pine trees.


image credit: home-designing.com


Post your space for free
Create a profile for your space, select what professions you want to cowork with.

Invite coworkers
Invite friends or friends of friends to come share your space using Facebook and Linkedin.

Confirm reservations
Choose which people you are interested in coworking with in your space

Make sure the space is ready and welcome your guest with a smile!

It’s the location right, clean and prepare your space for many companies, the website already operates in 613 cities and 69 countries all around the world.

Use loosecubes and make money online renting workspace of the future.


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