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I love my bike and I’m sure that you also love yours, well now you’re going to love it even more. Since from now on, your bicycle is going to make you money, yes that’s true, a hard cold cash. What’s better then that right?

If you are attached too much for your bike, then this is not for you, but I’m sure that you are willing to rent your bike in order to make some money. Why not, the idea is great and this next website I’m about to tell you is the right opportunity for you to make money online renting bike.

About The Website!

The website is called SpinLister and it’s the marketplace that lets you to list your bike or rent bikes from individuals or existing bike rental shops.
Founded in May 2011 and located in New York City, Spinlister is a peer-to-peer bike rental marketplace that allows people to rent bikes or list their own.

How To Make Money?

Listing your bike is free on Spinlister. When someone rents your bike, they take a 12.5% service fee from the rental price. It’s a win-win.
Upload the picture of your bike, you can do it even from the smartphone, add some details about the bike for people to rent easier.

Interested renters will send you rental requests that you’re free to accept or decline.

When you receive a rental request you’d like to fulfill, just accept the reservation and work out any final details on the pick up with the renter through the messaging system on the website

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Renter picks up your bike and you don’t need to do anything after that. Whether you’re listing a beach cruiser or a professional road bike, feel free to charge what you’d like. Right now the average rental price on their system is $20 a day. Which is quite good way to make money online fast.

You need to make $50 in order to get paid, and payouts are made every two weeks.  If you don’t make it $50 or over that amount, your earnings will roll over to the next period, but you will never have to wait more then a month to get paid.

Payments are made via Paypal or check, whichever you setup in the settings of your profile on the website.

Some Tips From The Website 

How much you can make depends on you and your bike, you need to follow some of the tips and rules in order to make more money renting your bike. The better you are in following them, the more cash you will get.

Verify your account, explain how to keep bike safe, be friendly, make sure your bike is right for the renter, pump your tires, and respond to rental requests quickly. These are just some of the tips you can take in consideration when renting your bike, you can check more on the website.
Hope you will find it helpful and make a lot of money just by renting your bike, you will help many people and earn some money on the side. Leave your comments and opinions and tell me what you think about this way to make some money online.

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  1. Well this is something not new but great way to earn some money when you are not using your bike. I think is is good way for the part timers or the college goers. Well i wonder we can make some money here in India by the same process.

    • Hi Sanjib, true, there are couple more websites like this one. Maybe they are available internationally, or this one too, check on the website, but I think as long as you have internet access and bike you can make money anywhere in the world. Thanks for the comment and stay tuned, I have some amazing new ways to make money coming these days

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