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Did you know that there are over 250 million cars in America only that sit parked 22 hours of each day.

The solution for this is called Getaround, a new way for people to share their cars.

Instead of buying a car, you can instantly rent one from someone nearby, and as a car owner, you can earn thousands of dollars a year sharing your car. But if you’re buying a used vehicle find out if money is owing on the car before you buy it.

Getaround is a market place for peer to peer car sharing, as a owner, you set a price and availability and get paid when someone rent your car.

They (site) take care for insurance and 40% of commission for site expenses.

They enable car owners to safely rent out their underutilized cars to a community of trusted drivers. People in need of a car can rent one by the hour using the Getaround website or iPhone app


The average rental rate on Getaround is around $8.00 per hour, from which Getaround takes a 40% commission, leaving you with an average net return of $4.80 per hour. Getaround covers all insurance and other costs of operating the service, and renters are responsible for the gas they use. So you have no expenses beyond the 40% commission.

At this rate, a car rented an average of four hours per week would earn $921.60 per year, while a car rented an average of 20 hours per week (i.e., 2-3 hours per day) would earn $4,608 per year.

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Getaround is currently available in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, including Mountain View, Palo Alto and Berkeley, as well as limited areas within San Diego.

If renter doesn’t fill the gas in, the getaround will do that and will charge the renter.

Renters do not need car insurance to join Getaround or rent cars.

Owners are required to carry a personal auto insurance policy—equal to at least the minimum liability limits required by law.

For all of you that need some extra cash or even more then extra then this is the amazing opportunity as you can see.

If you have a more then one car, you can submit them all for a rental. I noticed while on the website that people that have beautiful and fast cars get real good money for their cars and many people are requesting for the rent.

Clean up your car, get him fixed if there is any bigger mechanical problems and submit it on site with reasonable price.

Why to let your car just collecting dust when you are not using it, instead you can help people and earn money on the side.

The site is secure and trusted, for those of you who are looking ways to make money online and work from home, this is it.

This chance is rare, the site has a huge user base which will help you a lot, if I missed saying something, just post the questions in the comments.

So go ahead and make money online renting your car.


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